7 Popular Gifts for Children This Holiday Season

Christmas is the perfect time to share with our loved ones and create unforgettable memories with our families. At the same time, for our children, it's an opportunity to discover and enjoy new gifts and toys.
7 Popular Gifts for Children This Holiday Season

Last update: 02 January, 2019

Any time of year is right for sharing gifts with children and adults. However, there’s one special time of year when the interest in having something new grows – especially among little ones. This holiday season, just like every other, there’s a great variety of popular gifts for children that you can choose from.

Christmas is one of the most important times of year. Many families around the world have the tradition of giving a toy or some other sort of gift to their children. These gifts represent celebration, goodness, peaceful exchanges, and joy among families and close friends.

The toys we give during the holiday season are more than just a thoughtful gesture to share among friends and families. They’re also synonymous with recreation, learning, development, and psychological, emotional, motor and intellectual development. At the same time, they help boost sociability with others, no matter what their age.

It’s through the use of toys that children develop in multiple aspects, both physically and psychologically. They invite little ones to explore, discover and learn to interact with objects.

Toys aren’t only good for capturing children’s attention with their attractive colors and other features. Many of them help develop critical thinking through problem solving. The same thing happens with abstract thought and space relation when it comes to building and organizing pieces.

Be they your own children, nieces and nephews, a Godchild, or another special little one in your life, these ideas are sure to please.

Take note and keep this list on hand when it’s time to do your Christmas shopping:

1. Doll castles

Many toy companies produce enchanting replicas of the same castles that children see in their favorite princess movies.

These small scale buildings, besides being beautiful, also help children develop organization skills regarding different spaces and the various articles you can find in a home.

One of the most popular themes you can go for this year is the movie Frozen. If the child on your gift list isn’t into princesses, you can always choose a more traditional doll house.

2. Dolls with or without sound and movement

In general, one of the toys that girls most desire is a new doll. The options out there on the market are endless. Some move around and make sounds, imitating voices, crying, crawling, eating, etc.

Dolls, whether they have special functions or not, awaken a child’s maternal, loving instinct. Let’s just say that dolls are a gift that will never go out of style.

And while dolls have traditionally been a “girl gift”, boys can play with dolls, too. There’s nothing wrong with teaching boys to be good fathers and caretakers early on!

7 Popular Gifts for Children This Holiday Season

3. A wardrobe of clothing for dolls

A great alternative for children that are, from a young age, interested in stepping into the world of fashion and modeling.

Through miniature accessories and clothing items to dress their dolls, children can practice color combinations and poses. They can even act out different situations and scenarios .

There are a number of doll brands that offer wardrobe options, but Barbie is the all-time favorite, without a doubt. 

4. Accessories for making food

Any variety of toy for making food is a great option when choosing holiday gifts for children. Some toys in this category are just for imaginative play, but we recommend looking for those that actually serve for making food.

For example, you can buy a machine for making ice cream or a miniature oven for making cup cakes.

5. Remote control cars

This kind of toy will never go out of style. In fact, the best models aren’t only attractive for children, but for the parents as well.

Today, many remote control cars simulate real cars in a number of ways, more than ever before. Modern remote controls are also able to travel farther than their predecessors.

“It’s through the use of toys that children develop in multiple aspects, both physically and psychologically”

6. Video game consoles

These devices have occupied a spot on the top of Christmas lists for years – and not just when it comes to children. Technology has contributed to vigorous advances in both the quality of graphics as well as a number of other features. 

For example, players can now connect online and play with other individuals from around the world. Today, the most popular video game console for children and adults is the PS4.

7. Drones

These tiny unmanned flying devices have captured the world’s attention. It’s no surprise that the smallest members of the household want their own to fly around for hours by remote control.

You can opt for a simple drone, or even one with a camera. These are the most popular, since the cameras allow users to make a visual recording of their travels. 

They also give users the ability to obtain new perspectives and explore hard-to-see places. Of course, drones with cameras and more have a higher price tag.

8. Building blocks and shape sorters

We couldn’t leave these classics off the holiday shopping list for babies. These types of toys have been popular for generations, but still capture the attention of little ones today.

Building blocks and shape sorters help develop fine and gross motors skills as well as concentration and intelligence .

7 Popular Gifts for Children This Holiday Season

Besides these obvious benefits, building blocks and shape sorters entertain babies for hours, thanks to their bright colors and variety of shapes .

To choose the right gifts for children, we should keep their age range and personal preferences in mind. 

While cell phone and tablets are also popular gifts for children this year, it’s important to avoid screen addiction and keep in mind that these devices contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Beyond trends and popularity, we also encourage outdoor games as well as implementing pastimes that you yourself enjoyed as a child. 

Holiday gift giving is about more than materialism – it’s about creating memories and sharing time together with those we love.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.