Potty Train Your Child in 3 Days with These Tips

Potty Train Your Child in 3 Days with These Tips

Last update: 06 December, 2017

Helping our baby to potty train often becomes one of the biggest challenges for moms. It is an unavoidable transition and it never goes out of style. To date, we have yet to find the correct method to carry out this process.

Potty training is an activity that requires a great amount of patience, determination and, above all, love. But, there is something we want to share with you: Helping your child to leave behind their diaper days can be easier and faster than you think if you keep in mind the advice provided by experts.

Many mothers have had success with certain tricks, and for that reason they are eager to share them and to help others with this task.

Is it really possible to potty train your child in only three days?

If we take into account how little time it took for our babies to get used to using diapers, maybe we will have the same luck with them getting used to not using them.

However, at the same time it’s important to distinguish that we ourselves have turned diapering into a habit, but for our children, it is the only way of life that they know.

According to the experiences of many mothers, and also according to specialists, potty training your little one in three days is possible. This claim is based on the application of techniques that focus on the cognitive elements that stand out during this stage of development. 

Clearly, the method is very fast, but it does not guarantee that your child will learn to go to the bathroom on his own since, during the process of leaving diapers behind, your little one will often go pee or poop somewhere other than the bathroom.

It’s important to note that this is a process that is carried out step by step, and therefore requires the entire family to be in agreement and to be fully committed to the process.

Remember that going to the bathroom isn’t a simple as using a diaper. Going to the bathroom requires skills that involve more independence than your child is probably ready for: Entering the bathroom, pulling down his or her pants, sitting on the toilet, and all the subsequent actions. This requires several months of practice, but over time, they can all be accomplished.

Potty training in three days

how to potty train your child in three days

While this method is effective, it’s not some one size fits all trick that adapts to every family, as it involves keeping the child nude from the waist down. Although we can get the child to learn the basics of going without diapers in three days, it is just the beginning of a process that will have to be  continuous and permanent in order to really be effective.

Keep in mind these useful tips in order to be successful in the task of potty training:

  • Prepare yourself to spend the next three days completely dedicated to this task. Remember to concentrate on the purpose and make sure you have the time to carry it out.
  • It’s important to eliminate any tension this process could produce, since we know very well that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to reach your goals with your child. Create fun moments, rewards, games, dances, laughter.
  • Specialists recommend no turning back once you are determined to begin this process. Being consistent and involving the entire family is especially important for the learning experience to be effective.
  • Do everything within your means to eliminate your child’s fearssince it’s normal for him not to understand what’s going on or how to act in this new situation.

Day 3

  • Remember that your child should spend the entire day without any diapers or underwear. It’s critical that you be vigilant in order to start to identify when your child feels the need to use the bathroom. At the beginning, he will simply go in any spot of the house, so you need to be ready at all times to bring him to the bathroom.
  • As part of the potty training technique, the entire family must drink plenty of liquid in order to go to the bathroom frequently. When mom or dad need to go to the bathroom, you can take the child with you.
  • Celebrate small victories and don’t scold your child if he doesn’t advance – just indicate what needs to be improved. Having your child help you clean up any accidents can be helpful.
  • Invite your child to use the bathroom before going to sleep and make sure not to put a diaper on until he goes to sleep.

Day 2

Repeat the same routine as day one, with the variation of a family outing. This outing needs to be announced ahead of time. There is one condition: Before heading out, your child needs to use the potty at the very last minute before you leave. For even better results, the whole family can do the same.

The purpose of this outing is for your child to hold his or her pee until you get back home. Therefore, your child shouldn’t be wearing a diaper or any underwear during the outing – just a loose fitting pair of trousers that allow your child to feel comfortable. Don’t forget to bring along an extra change of clothes  in case there is an “accident.”

Day 3

Once again, we should repeat the same routine as days one and two, but today, instead of one outing, we will have two. The idea here is for the child to be able to relate going out with needing to use the bathroom; before we go out, we go to the bathroom one last time.

On this occasion, you should bring along a potty chair or toilet seat adapter. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the opportunity to use it while you’re out. We don’t recommend you go out in the car, go far from home, or go away for a long time. This outing should be entertaining and pressure free. 


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.