Advantages of Reading Comics for Children

Not sure how to get your child into reading? Comics can be an excellent alternative. In addition, they have many other advantages.
Advantages of Reading Comics for Children

Last update: 13 October, 2018

Many children enjoy reading comics from a young age. Comics are fun and entertaining, plus they actually help boost kids’ cognitive development. They even help them be more reflective and imaginative.

The vivid colors and the characters’ adventures captivate both children and adults. It’s also common to see grandparents enjoying the comics they read during childhood.

Some examples include: Tintin, Don Quijote (the adaptation), Sherlock Holmes, and Super Man. Without a doubt, comics have an irreplaceable charm.

The best part about comics is that much of their magic has remained unchanged over the years. Like so many other things, comic strips have become timeless. They even have important references to popular culture.

Characteristics of comics

Comics are books that tell the experiences of superheroes and villains. They contain the following elements in their stories:

  • Have bright and vivid colors.
  • Use onomatopoeias to compensate for not having sound.
  • Tell a story in each square or are divided into chapters.
  • Use a variety of linguistic resources: flashbacks, flash-forwards, and a permanent connection between text and image.
  • Have their own codes, such as vignettes, balloons, and gestural expressions marked on the characters.

Advantages of reading comics for children

Stimulates the imagination

What better for a child’s imagination than to read exciting adventures with new challenges every week?

The characters, their powers and the powerful villains let the child explore a deep world of fantasies.

This gives rise to numerous games, drawings and other activities related to reading. The child can also try to guess what might happen in the next box. Predictions are a great exercise to get the most out of the comics.

Advantages of Reading Comics for Children

Promotes interpersonal relationships

Although it wasn’t like this in the past, comic book stores are almost like neighborhood clubs. Your child can meet many other children who share not only interests, but also a passion for these kinds of stories.

In addition to providing the opportunity to make new friendscomics are the center of many huge events. This way, they open the door to new experiences.

The San Diego International Comics Convention – the famous Comic Con – is an example of this. There are also local events specific to each region.

Expands vocabulary and improves spelling

Like any other type of book, reading comics involves incorporating new words and phrases. In fact, comic books have a peculiar use of punctuation marks. So it’s a good opportunity to make punctuation mark uses clear.

“True, comics are a popular art, and yes, I think their primary job is to entertain, but they can go beyond that. When they do, they stop being just entertainment and become very important.”

–Bill Watterson–

Reading comics is an excellent pastime

We also can’t forget the most essential part of comics: they’re extremely funA child can spend hours reading the adventures of his or her favorite superhero.

In the comics that have been around for many years, you can even re-read them and relive those stories. Re-reading lets you discover things you hadn’t noticed before.

Comics make unforgettable memories

Advantages of Reading Comics for Children

Many people collect comics throughout their childhood or adolescence. Years later, these books let you go back in time and transport you back to your youth.

Just opening them and smelling the pages lets you remember the time when they were your main form of entertainment.

Many collections are worth more over time. This is especially true with limited editions.

Considering all of the above, we can say that comics haven’t gone out of style – at least for now. Their magic is still intact.

If your children don’t have any comics at home, this can be an excellent gift. Reading comics can awaken their love of reading, adventures and superheroes.

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