Should Siblings Be in the Same Class at School?

When it's time to send your children to school, parents of twins often wonder if it's a good idea to have them in the same class. Although every situation is different, there are a few guidelines parents should be aware of.
Should Siblings Be in the Same Class at School?

Last update: 11 January, 2019

It’s a common question for families with twins or triplets. Should siblings be in the same class at school? We’ll try to find an answer.

This question comes up as soon as parents start thinking about educating their children. Is it a good idea to put them in the same class? Would it be better to separate them?

Families come up with lots of pros and cons. Parents start to think that if their children are in the same class, then they’ll be able to help each other with homework and support each other.

The workload will be lighter for the parents as well, since there will be only one teacher to contact and the same schedules and school requirements. This would be a good thing.

On the other hand, the sibling who is more comfortable or less shy will overshadow the other. The weaker child might not face up to challenges because they will learn to rely on help from the other. Perhaps the more active, outgoing sibling will overshadow the more reticent one.

It’s also likely that one child will feel inferior to the other in the natural (but not advisable) comparison that will occur. This will be a detriment to the natural development of their personality.

This issue can be very worrisome. Anxiety will increase as the start of school gets closer. Then the round of consultations with other mothers, school counselors, and psychologists will begin.

So, what should you do? Should siblings be in the same class together at school?

Should siblings be in the same class?

There are many myths about this topic. Some say that in all cases separating children helps them to better form their own identities. When stated as if it is true for everyone in all situations, this is false, and even perverse.

Should Siblings Be in the Same Class at School?

In any group of siblings, each child has their own characteristics, separate from the others, even though they may be twins.

It’s not a good idea to make decisions unilaterally ahead of time. Manage the situation as your children grow up.

Some interesting considerations:

  • Multiple siblings (twins, triplets, etc.) have a special, unique bond. They have been together through their entire development, sharing a womb since the moment of conception. This influences their bond.
  • In general, these children are alike, and not just physically. However, each sibling has their own personality. Each child should develop independence from their siblings, and make their own choices freely.
  • Pay attention to achieving this goal at home and at school. Calling each child by name (don’t just call them “the twins”), dressing them differently, and respecting their individual styles and tastes is a good way to start.
  • They need to do different things at different times in order to form their own identitiesParents and teachers should take that idea as their starting point and goal. If that’s how they go into their education, it won’t matter whether they’re in the same class.

Prolonging the Connection

Sending siblings to the same classroom when they start school allows their special natural affectionate connection to last longer.

If you separate them in preschool, it will add a source of stress to their lives. Furthermore, the separation from one another can be one more traumatic departure, alongside leaving home and their mother. Sometimes this can lead to lack of self confidence.

It’s important to be cautious and carefully observe how each sibling is adapting and developing. Teachers play a fundamental role in this process.

Should Siblings Be in the Same Class at School?

On the other hand, it’s important to treat children as independent individuals. It’s crucial to strengthen their independence while they’re in class. Inside the classroom they should be two unique, independent people.

When twins or triplets are separated for long periods of time at a young age, they develop high levels of anxietyThis can lead to various problematic behaviors.

“They need to do different things at different times in order to form their own identities.”

In this case, psychologists and educational specialists suggest that the siblings begin school together. Continue to evaluate each situation to decide whether they’ll continue their educational journey together or separately.

So, should siblings be in the same class at school? The truth is that each set of siblings and every family has different characteristics and a different story. Each situation should be considered individually.

People have had success with both choices, both strengthening the connection between siblings and separating them at school. 


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