Books to Teach Your Kids About Colors

If you want to teach your kids about colors, then check out these fun and entertaining books!
Books to Teach Your Kids About Colors

Last update: 17 January, 2020

Colors are some of the first things your little ones learn about, with their education beginning even before school starts. There are many different ways to teach your kids about colors. In this article, we’ll take a look at books that make the process plenty of fun.

There are several children’s books designed to teach kids about colors. The best ones also allow you to share special moments with your children as they expand their understanding of the sensory world.

In addition, these books can be helpful as support material for different classroom activities, strengthening their grasp on colors while also encouraging them to read.

Books to teach your kids about colors

1. Press Here

Hervé Tullet is the author behind this wonderful and ingenious book, which allows children to interact with a series of different colored circles that jump, rotate, and roll across the pages.

At first glance it may seem a bit too basic. However, once the story gets underway, it’s sure to entertain kids and adults alike with its magical sense of inventiveness.

Books to Teach Your Kids About Colors

2. A Story of…Colors

The Combel publishing house presents this terrific book, which will help little ones learn two basic concepts: clothing and colors.

Each piece of clothing is associated with a specific color. But the fun really starts when you realize that the book features puzzle pieces that you can detach and stick on different pages. It’s a fun and original book that is highly recommended for children between three and four, with magnificently colorful illustrations.

3. Ten Little Sheep

Like colors, another concept kids learn early on is numbers. Why not learn both at the same time in a truly entertaining book featuring animals as the protagonists?

The book follows 10 different colored sheep that perform all kinds of activities in increasingly large groups. This allows children to identify the color of each, as well as the number of sheep assembling for each activity.

This wonderful illustrated book skillfuly makes learning fun for kids.

More books to help teach your kids about colors

4. The Color Monster

In addition to teaching children about colors, The Color Monster also offers the opportunity to learn about other concepts. As such, it’s become a top-selling children’s book.

In terms of educating kids about colors, the book ensures that they’ll learn the five basic hues: yellow, red, blue, green, and black.

Beyond mastering these colors, kids will also learn about different emotions by associating each of them with a color. This versatility makes it a great choice for educating children about colors and how to deal with emotions.

Books to Teach Your Kids About Colors

5. Mix It Up!

Once again we turn to children’s author Hervé Tullet. In this selection, he focuses on the different mixtures of colors in order to explain each hue.

In addition to its educational value, it’s an excellent way to help your child master painting activities in the classroom or at home. It’s always an enjoyable moment when they realize where different colors come from.

6. Ceci and Leo

Children are sure to fall in love with this book. First of all, it stars two animals. Secondly, it teaches them about basic colors. The elements come together to make a fun and memorable reading experience.

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