Technological Parents and Technological Children

Video games, apps, social media, and even memes. Some parents are so up to date that they surprise their children.
Technological Parents and Technological Children

Last update: 22 June, 2019

Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives, and the relationship between parents and children is no exception. Technological parents have many ways to relate to their children, and technology can be really effective.

The fact that children and young adults love technology is nothing new. Yet normally, older people tend to be less interested in following the latest trends.

But there is now a new “breed” of parenting – technological parents, who have caught up with their children and who are reaping the benefits as a result.

What does this parent-child relationship look like in the 21st century?

Parents and new technology

While the vast majority are doing a good job of mastering technology, obviously, not every parent is having a good time.

Some parents still don’t understand technology much and don’t trust new technology or their ability to master it.

They’ll probably give in to pressure and buy a smartphone, even if they’re convinced they don’t know how to use it. Their children will help them, and they’ll use it for the basics and little more.

There are also some parents who completely ignore new technology, or at least pretend to.

They probably have no idea what their children are doing online or on social media. It’s not out of lack of interest, they’re just ignorant of the dangers online.

At the other extreme, we find people who know everything in detail and know how to make the most of technology. These parents usually work with technology and know how to deal with viruses, apps, and all manner of software and hardware.

There’s also a halfway point between the two: parents who have the latest phone and know how to use it. They have a good relationship with their children, are able to answer them with memes, and are fully aware of everything that goes on social media.

Technological Parents and Technological Children

The relationship between technological parents and their children

We’ve mentioned many times before about the importance of setting an example. It’s the strongest educational tool you have as a parent. If a mother or father behaves in a certain way, their children will notice and like to imitate them.

The same thing happens with technology, but not always. Here are a couple of examples:

Technological parents and technological children

This is perhaps the most common situation. Children really appreciate having a parent who understands and values technologies. And they like it even more if they can learn from their parents.

Technology is an essential part of children’s lives. Sure, it has risks, but it also has so many advantages. These can relate to education or entertainment, or even be useful for work.

This new “breed” of technological parents have found common ground with their children and enjoy the benefits it brings to their relationship.

Being able to put yourself in this situation is really beneficial.

It’s not that children want their parents to understand technology, it’s just that their relationship is bound to be closer as they’re part of the same paradigm. They’ll feel as though they’re going through the same experiences.

Parents who share in this usually get involved with more activities with their children. This could include playing video games, watching TV series or movies, or going to technology conferences.

What about the children of non-technological parents?

Despite all this, there are also parents who haven’t managed to get to grips with technology. This aversion can be caused by a variety of things: disinterest, distrust, or a lack of knowledge.

This doesn’t mean they’ll have no relationship with their children, or that they’re failing as a parent. It simply means their interests will be different.

The downside to this is that they’ll miss the opportunity to share certain activities that their children enjoy. But furthermore, they won’t be able to spot the risks and dangers that exist online.

However, there is an upside. In a world where everything is virtual and on screens, it’s nice to have someone “living in the real world.”

These parents are able to get their children outside and teach them other skills, such as cooking, fixing a bike, building a home for a pet, etc.

Technological Parents and Technological Children


If you want to be a technological parent, you should be aware of the following things:

  • Find out and read about the latest news.
  • Understand what entertains your children and try to get involved.
  • Be aware of social networks and how your children use them.
  • Incorporate technology into your life instead of complaining about change.

In a world where everything is virtual and on screens, it’s nice to have someone “living in the real world.”

In summary, technological parents have a positive attitude towards technology, and this can greatly enhance the relationship they have with their children.

But this doesn’t mean you need technology to have a fantastic relationship with your children. Technology has entered our lives, but human contact is still vital, and this is unlikely to ever change.


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