The Day You Become a Mother, Life Smiles at You

The Day You Become a Mother, Life Smiles at You

Last update: 05 January, 2018

The day you become a mother, your life will transform in many ways and you’ll never be the same again.

In spite of the hormonal changes that cause a roller coaster of emotions, it is impossible to think that life is not smiling upon us. We are reaching spiritual fullness.

It is difficult to describe the feeling of being a mother when it has not been experienced. The feeling can be so deep that it can create an indescribable emotion when you think about your little one.

Life smiles upon us when we are mothers because we have brought forth life. We continue our own existence, we prolong it indefinitely and we become responsible for the heirs of the world.

The joy of being a mother

Each experience in the first few years of our child’s life is infinitely sweet. Some moments are more serious and others more relaxed. We experience anxiety in certain moments but all the stages of motherhood are full of tenderness.

Motherhood is enjoyable because we are motivated by someone who loves us, needs us and is not afraid to say it or show it. The smile of our children becomes a reason to live. We find nourishment for ourselves in that incomparable love.

Every one of our small child’s achievements reflects back on us as mothers. It shows us that we are doing a good job. It also motivates us to work hard so that everything continues to go well.

Although many of these triumphs can occur without us, that feeling will make us feel proud of our work in the future.

In the same way, the tasks that we do for our children don’t need to be returned and never exhaust us. The sleepless nights, the fears, the routine, the changes of our body and even the loss of identity; they are mere occupational hazards, which no mother is concerned with.

your life changes the day you become a mother

The day you become a mother has arrived

When a woman is born, she is physically prepared to become a mother some day. Her eggs are born with her, they grow and mature according to their evolution.

Unfortunately, not all are born with the natural ability to conceive, but this does not prevent them from being mothers in some way.

Under normal conditions, there should be no impediments for a woman to conceive when she wants to, but not all of us are prepared emotionally to improvize.

Even when we are planning to have a baby and consciously prepare to be mothers and carry our pregnancy, it never ceases to be an exciting time knowing that the baby is on its way.

Some women don’t even finish planning and life smiles upon them with motherhood. In this sense, the inevitable transformation allows us to begin to discover and know ourselves better.

Despite the difficulties that a woman may have in accepting her pregnancy, she should also allow herself to be overwhelmed by emotion. Becoming a mother could be difficult, but nothing that the own fruit of your belly cannot help you to change.

how you change when you become a mother

With an open heart

Motherhood is a wonderful stage, which doesn’t end but continues to evolve. You are a mother forever, that is why we must be ready for all the changes that our life will experience.

Take advantage of the moment and don’t let yourself be sad. Open your heart:

  • A mother works by love and not by obligation
  • When you are a mother, life smiles upon you
  • Children are not always going to be the way you want them to be
  • Your life is motivated by your children, but you are an individual
  • If you love them, let them fly
  • Be the ears, the hug, the advice and the joy of your children
  • Feel proud of what you have created, but let the world enjoy them too
  • Do not judge yourself. It’s not necessary!
  • Let remember you with admiration and not with fear
  • A mother always knows, but listening does not hurt

We find that for a mother it is easier to talk about her children and to be filled with love. It is not as often heard that children express their love for their mother.

Don’t think that love is not mutual. Think of all the trust you have been given. They entrusted you with their life, their food, their sleep, their first steps, their fears and they showed you that they need you deeply.

Whoever loves you the most calls you mom and recognizes your voice and your smell even when time passes.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.