The Benefits of Sleeping Next to Your Child

Do you love sleeping next to your child? Did you know that their confidence can increase during these moments? Learn more!
The Benefits of Sleeping Next to Your Child

Last update: 26 March, 2022

Co-sleeping has become very popular in recent years, although its practice is far from being a novelty. Even if you’re little one has their own bed, there’s no denying that sleeping next to your child is something truly special.

From the moment they’re born, children become their parents’ best companions. In addition, they provide them with unbeatable peace of mind, fill them with happiness, and make them feel that they lack absolutely nothing. In the same way, parents are the best refuge for children from the first moments of life, as they provide them with security, transmit confidence, and convince them that nothing bad will happen to them.

Because of this, many children sleep with their parents during childhood, because they’re the ones who keep them from feeling afraid. Also, their parents guarantee them safety and good care as they sleep.

In the same way, co-sleeping provides the best care for the basic needs of the children. For example, breastfeeding on demand.

A woman sleeping in bed with her baby.

However, today’s society believes that, as a child grows up, it’s essential to take them out of the parents’ bed. Many argue that prolonged co-sleeping  gets in the way of the development of self-sufficiency.

However, this isn’t actually true, as sleeping next to your children is beneficial at any age. For this reason, below, we’ll explain each of its virtues.

The advantages of sleeping next to your child

Children grow up, but they need their parents at all times because obstacles and fears can appear at any time of life.

Therefore, allowing your child to crawl into bed with you is a great initiative in order to offer them the refuge they need so much. This is because this simple action communicates to them that they have the understanding and unconditional support of their parents. Besides, it’s an effective way to make children understand that they can turn to you at any time. You’ll always be willing to listen to them and help them solve all their doubts.

This also protects the emotional health of the little ones, as it provides them with happiness and allows them to release the tensions that torment them. In addition, their self-esteem is boosted, because they’re made to feel that they’ll always have someone who will love them unconditionally.

A mother and daughter sleeping together in a hammock.

For all of these reasons, sleeping next to your child increases the emotional bond that the two of your share because it’s made clear that complicity between you will always exist. And that despite the age of the child, you can share a great number of special moments.

Finally, this is how the security of children is increased, because you’re sending them the message that they’ll never be alone. Likewise, they learn that family unity doesn’t expire with the passing of time.

A special connection

A mother, father and son sleeping in the same bed.

Parents also benefit from these moments of love and protection. This is because they feel reassured that their children are well and are convinced that they’re the guides they so desperately need.

In addition, these moments don’t take away the children’s freedom. In fact, what’s made clear to them is that they’ll have a helping hand to revive their motivation and life goals whenever they need it.

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