The Careers of the Future for Our Children

How can we plan our children's future studies? When doing so, we need to keep in mind that there are certain professions that will be more in demand and offer more job opportunities. Today, we'll look at the careers of the future.
The Careers of the Future for Our Children

Last update: 29 April, 2020

In recent years, the job market has changed significantly in the United States and around the world. As a result, the careers of the future are also changing.

Some of this has to do with economics and, in part, the great technological changes we’re experiencing. Many traditional jobs have become obsolete. At the same time, new jobs are coming into existence that require a different type of preparation, as well as diverse study programs.

Communication has changed radically with the possibility of listening to and seeing individuals from anywhere in the world. We can even have virtual work meetings that span the globe. Our children need to prepare to take on this new global panorama. And this means developing abilities that allow them to adapt to a new way of working.

Fields of study and careers of the future

In the decades to come, several fields of knowledge will transform in order to adapt to the new digital age. And some careers that are of minor importance today may come to be very important motors of the job market of the future.

  • One of these options is, without a doubt, specialists in digital marketing, SEO, SEM, and content. The growth and importance of social networks and search engines have produced the need for more and more people to work in this area.
  • Many people who originally worked in traditional sectors like communication, marketing, or advertising, have had to crossover into the digital world.
The Careers of the Future for Our Children

  • Another one of the careers of the future you should consider in your child’s study plans is that of robotic engineering. Forecasts predict that the fourth industrial revolution will involve a robotization that will do away with millions of jobs.
  • In the same way, experts foresee a great demand for engineers that are able to prepare these machines and improve their systems.
  • Experts in big data will also be in high demand in the coming decades. The analysis of an enormous amount of data is more and more necessary in many sectors. Therefore, this is a field of study that’s growing very quickly. The need to organize and interpret all the information available makes this one of the biggest careers of the future.
  • There are other fields of study that will also create many career opportunities in the future. Therefore, it’s also important to keep them in mind when planning your child’s studies. Among them, we can list experts in genomics for agriculture and livestock, voice generated and linguistic software, and geriatric medicine.

How should universities adapt to these changes?

Higher education will, without a doubt, continue to be of great importance in the future. However, universities must adapt to all of these changes. Their rigid structure makes it harder to adapt to changes quickly, but that’s not an option in the current world.

One of the aspects that universities must take into account are new technologies. They must apply them not only to their classrooms but to every level of function.

Another one of the most important points that universities need to consider is the need to make major changes to their structure in order to offer an education that’s constantly adapting. Study programs can no longer change every 20 years.

The Careers of the Future for Our Children

To adapt to the careers of the future, universities will also need to incorporate personalized learning as well as remote and flexible learning. What’s more, they must transform their campuses and make them into “smart campuses” and eliminate bureaucracy. That way, they’ll improve their student services and make procedures and paperwork easier.

Universities must prepare students to adapt to these changes and careers of the future

Universities must be ready to offer their students competencies that have to do with the current and future demands of the job market. They can’t neglect the basic holistic formation of young people. But, at the same time, they must encourage personalities that are creative, innovative, and able to adapt to unexpected events .

Many people today work independently over the internet from their homes, without needing to go to an office. Their clients can be anywhere in the country or even the world without that being an obstacle. There’s also more occupational nomadism among youth today, and that tendency will only grow in the future.

Professors and universities must be prepared to offer students the tools that allow them to handle this new way of working. The challenge is great, and teachers must be ready to stay up to date on the advances of digital culture.

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