Tips for Parents During Coronavirus Quarantine

During these days of confinement, it's important for families to follow certain daily guidelines to make things more bearable. Today, we'll share helpful tips for parents during coronavirus quarantine.
Tips for Parents During Coronavirus Quarantine

Last update: 27 May, 2020

Thousands of people catch this virus every day because they fail to take the necessary precautions, and hundreds are dying every few days. The reality is that this virus has started to appear all over the world. Now, coronavirus has become a real concern that produces a great deal of anguish, discomfort, worry, and loneliness.

Finally, people are starting to realize what really matters in life, which are two things: family and health. Nothing could be more important. That’s why we need to be careful every day to enjoy both and live as happily as possible.

Tips for Parents During Coronavirus Quarantine

That’s why we want to offer some guidelines for parents who must stay at home with their children during this time of confinement. We’re sure the tips below will help you get through the days ahead.

Guidelines for parents who are with their children during coronavirus quarantine

First of all, one thing that’s absolutely necessary during home confinement with your children is a dependable routine. Children need to know that their days will be organized as this helps them organize their minds.

Routines can be incorporated into schedules that older children can design themselves, with the help of parents. For younger children, parents can help them make a daily routine using drawings so children can understand what’s going to happen at each moment. Children can even make the drawings themselves.

In the morning, for example, children should try to follow, as must as possible, their normal schedule as if they were in school. This means studying and doing homework that the school sends during school hours. What’s more, they should have established times for eating breakfast, eating lunch, resting, etc…

Waking up and early morning

When children wake up, they should eat breakfast. Then, they should get dressed in comfortable clothes and brush their teeth, etc. Finally, it’s time to sit down and do schoolwork.

As for younger children, you can set up a routine for reading, playing, painting, dancing, etc… It’s important to adapt each routine to your child’s age and, at the same time, their interests and responsibilities.

Mid-morning or before lunch

When children have finished their school work, then they can help around the house according to their age and abilities. This includes tidying up their rooms, preparing games for the afternoon… They can even help their parents prepare lunch and set the table.

After eating

After lunch, it’s a great time for the youngest members of the family to take a nap. As for older children who don’t want to nap, they can take advantage of this time to do relaxing activities. Rest is important even if you’re home all day during coronavirus quarantine.

Tips for Parents During Coronavirus Quarantine

In the afternoon

The afternoon is a great time to play games as a family and to exercise at home with activities that fit each member’s physical abilities. All of you need to move about and burn off the extra energy you have from not going out.

You can also do things you normally don’t do for lack of time. For example, get out board games, organize closets, clean out the refrigerator. But whatever you do, do it as a family.

Before dinner and during dinner time

Before and after dinner, follow the same routines as always. These may include: Bathtime, putting on pajamas, watching a bit of TV in order to rest and enjoy being together as a family, etc.

Dinner time is a great time to reflect; to think about what worked well and what you can do better tomorrow. Thinking about the emotions that your day evoked is a good way to avoid anxiety. You can even make a diary of family emotions.

Once dinner is over, then it’s time to go to bed. Parents can take advantage of this quiet time to connect as a coupleTimes are trying, but it’s important not to let the current circumstances damage your relationship. This is another great time to reflect, come together, and remember that you are one.

We’re all in this together and we must all do out part to keep the coronavirus quarantine from extending. Remember that your emotions and stability are essential when it comes to the wellbeing of your children. And knowing how to be flexible and adapt to the current circumstances is fundamental .

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.