Why Are Good Study Habits So Important?

Many believe that effective learning means long hours of studying. However, the key to becoming a successful student is establishing good study habits. In other words, it's not a question of studying more, it's a question of studying more intelligently. 
Why Are Good Study Habits So Important?
Azucena Fernández

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

It’s extremely important for students to have good study habits in order to learn effectively. As children advance in their academic levels (elementary school, high school, and college), this becomes more and more important and evident. One or two hours of studying each day are usually enough to finish high school with good grades.

Students need to establish good habits during elementary and high school, before reaching college. Once they begin college, it’s usually too late to begin learning how to study effectively and intelligently.

Successful students with good study habits

It’s true that some students are able to make it through elementary school without having to make too much effort. However, that tends to be the exception. Most students who finish elementary school successfully do so by developing and applying effective study habits.

“The research on memory provides a series of important recommendations regarding the most effective ways to study. One of the most important recommendations is for students to self-test rather than just reading the material .”

 – Robert Bjork and Nate Kornell, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review –

Why Are Good Study Habits So Important?

But there’s something we need to remember before coming up with a plan for instilling good study habits in students. Effective study habits also depend on understanding the learning style of each individual studentThis key information allows us to guide students towards the development of habits that will lead to academic success.

The best study habits

We’ve gathered the best study habits that good students tend to employ in order to obtain academic success. It’s important to work hard in order to develop each of the study habits presented below.

Grades will go up, knowledge will increase, and the ability to assimilate information will improve.

Don’t try to learn everything all at once

Successful students tend to space out their homework and study sessions into short periods of time. They don’t try to assimilate all of the information they need to learn in just one or two sessions. It’s important to establish a number of regular and short periods to study and take regular breaks.

Be sure to plan out when to study

It’s important to schedule and set specific times of day throughout the week to dedicate to studying. Then, be sure to stick to this established timetable. Students who study sporadically and when they feel like don’t reach the same objectives as those who stick to an established routine.

Even students who are up to date with their studies need to create a weekly routine. Setting aside a time period several days a week to go over the information learned will guarantee improved academic success.

It’s important to study at the same time each day as a habit

It’s not only important to establish specific days for studying. Students must also create a consistent daily study routine. By studying at the same time each day and each week, studying will become a regular part of day-to-day life.

Mental and emotional preparedness and willingness will improve with each study session. If an unexpected event means children must adjust their routine, it’s no big deal. But it’s important to go back to a regular routine as soon as possible.

Why Are Good Study Habits So Important?

Each study session should have a specific objective

Studying without clear objectives isn’t an effective way to study. It’s important to know what you want to achieve during each study session. Before students sit down to study, they should establish a goal for the study session that aligns with their general academic goal.

The most difficult task should be the first

The hardest tasks and subjects will require a greater effort and more mental energy. So, it’s best to get them out of the way first. Once students have finished studying the hardest material or complete the most difficult assignment, the rest will be easier.

Study habits: Make distractions disappear during study time

Distractions while trying to study cause students to lose their train of thought. In fact, they can even keep students from being able to concentrate altogether. As a result, studying becomes ineffective.

So, before beginning to study, students should look for a place where no one will bother or distract them. For some people, this means the silence of a library. Others may manage to study successfully at home, even with noise in the background.

In the end, developing good study habits like those mentioned above will lead to significant improvements in academic achievement .

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