Decorating Stones: Simple, Beautiful Crafts

There are various crafts you can make at home with natural materials. One of the most eye-catching ones is decorating stones.
Decorating Stones: Simple, Beautiful Crafts

Last update: 09 December, 2018

There is a wide range of artificial and natural materials you can use to make crafts. For example, decorating stones has become one of the most popular, fun and versatile options.

Decorating is an art based on ratios, simplicity and proportion. Its principles are lines, practical forms and balanced, unified surfaces.

Every unit and detail, shape or color needs to be harmonized. That way, the overall piece can look simple, beautiful, and elegant together. You yourself can achieve this balance inside and outside your home by decorating stones.

In this sense, stones offer multiple possibilities when it comes to decorating. You can even use them in personal items, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

To create something you’re proud of, you need to take a few important factors into account. Some examples include size, weight and shape. Of course, it’s important to also make sure that what you’re making suits your own personal tastes.

Possible uses for decorating stones

There is a wide range of possibilities regarding decorative stones. Some of these options include:

Making your garden beautiful

Apart from the beauty that plants and flowers give your garden, stones could be another beautiful addition. You can decorate them with birds, insects, and mammals. They make great complements to your outdoor garden space.


Mosaics are great for decorating your home. In fact, you can put them in any part of your home, like the dining room, kitchen or living room.

To do this, select stones carefully, paying attention to their shape and color. This way, you can make sure they’ll work well together in a mosaic.

Decorating Stones: Simple, Beautiful Crafts


You can use small stones to decorate your refrigerator door. In addition, you could use them to decorate any other metal cabinet or organizer.


As we already mentioned, you can make fantastic personal creations. Thanks to their beautiful shapes and textures, some stones make great earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

You could also combine them with other materials to make eye-catching designs.

Children’s crafts

Decorating stones is a fun craft to make with your children. With them, you can make a small city with walls, alleys, and even a garden.

However, make sure to be careful with the sizes of the stones you use. Make sure to avoid small ones that your kids might try to swallow. For older kids, you can use smaller stones too.


With a bigger, heavier stone, you can make nice paperweights. They could be great gifts to give to loved ones, or even to use in your own home. Additionally, you could use them as door stops.

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities when it comes to decorating stones. If you want, you can use them in their natural form.

In addition, you can give them personal touches so they stand out. They can have unique designs to stand out in any space.

“Stones offer multiple possibilities to decorate, both inside and outside the home. You can even use them in personal items, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.”

Steps for decorating stones

  • Decide what design you want to make on the stone ahead of time. If not, you run the risk of choosing a stone that isn’t the right size or texture.
  • Once you’ve decided on a designfind the best stone for the job. The ones you can find in rivers or beaches are best for painting meticulous designs. This is because they’re generally smooth.
  • Before using stones to decorate, make sure to wash them well. If possible, scrub them with a brush. This way, you can be sure the paint will stick to the surface well.
  • Before painting, it’s a good idea to sketch out the design on a piece of paper first.
  • Use a pencil or ultra-fine tip marker first on your stones. This will help you to be more detailed and precise with every stroke.
Decorating Stones: Simple, Beautiful Crafts

What do I need to decorate stones?

To carry out each step, you’ll need these materials:

  • Disposable table cloth or newspaper: This way, you won’t stain the surface you’re working on.
  • Paints, preferably acrylic: They add shine, dry quickly, and are non-toxic. In general, the color won’t fade as much over time.
  • Wooden handle brushes with stiff, long bristles.
  • Glue: You’ll need glue to stick the stone on another surface, if you would like to.
  • Varnish to provide maximum brightness. In addition, it’ll protect the design for much longer.

Without a doubt, decorating stones is a very entertaining and relaxing activity. Both kids and adults will love it!

In addition, by using these natural materials, you can add color and personality to any space. You can use your artistic and personal touch. Have fun!

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