Discover the Pain of Childbirth for Mothers

Discover the Pain of Childbirth for Mothers

Last update: 12 January, 2018

Pure agony. That is how many women define the pain they go through during childbirth. Deep, intense, enveloping. The pain of childbirth is difficult to define, and even harder to describe.

But more inexplicable still is the love that soothes our bodies and makes this unique moment bearable.

Scientists, of course, have looked at this with interest. There are some interesting comparisons to be made, which allow us to appreciate on a certain level what mothers go through on the most important day of their lives than the day we give birth.

From this pain there comes a new dawn. There is no better way to describe the day we meet the true love of our lives.

The pain of childbirth in numbers

As some scientific studies have shown, the human body is capable of tolerating up to 45 units of pain. However, women who give birth to their babies naturally go through well over that amount.

In fact, during childbirth a mother can experience up to around 57 units of pain. But this number alone is meaningless. Let’s take a look at what it equates to.

According to researchers, the pain that mothers go through during vaginal birth is equivalent to breaking no less than 20 bones simultaneously. Female strength in this incredible act of love is as amazing and mysterious as it is admirable.

discover the pain of childbirth

Giving birth is the only pain in life that is worth suffering.


Now, you must be asking yourself if it is even possible to measure another person’s pain. In fact, another study on this tells us that when we talk about pain, we are really referring to the response of nerve cells called nociceptors.

These cells react to pain that is over a certain threshold by sending signals up the spinal cord to the brain. This causes us to feel pain, and triggers reactions to try to soothe this discomfort or distress.

The study concludes that it is difficult to measure pain, given the way that we experience it is so subjective.

Everything for the love between mother and child

Whatever the case may be, the vast majority of mothers who have gone through this moment will understand perfectly well what we are talking about, and will believe the comparisons.

But even more, they will know that the pain of childbirth is not what is most important or memorable about this special day.

A mother’s love for her children is stronger than any affliction. It is the driving force that pushes us to achieve what we once thought was impossible. It gives us a strength and courage that we never knew existed.

It keeps us going, to overcome all obstacles in our path. This love helps us forget the pain and put aside our fears and doubts. Our children become the weakness that turns us into truly powerful beings. They fill us with energy, and help us to do the impossible.

the pain of childbirth explained in numbers

There are places in the heart that you do not discover until you love a child.

-Anne Lamott-

With this and much more in mind, it is important to remember that this is an opportunity to thank our mothers once more for giving birth to us.

Warriors of love, crafters of life, protectors of dreams. Thanks to them we came into this world, and thanks to them we are what we are.

What we’re celebrating here is not merely biological, but also social. What does it matter if a baby is born naturally or by cesarean? After all, the same love is there: a love that knows no limits – only effort, sacrifice and dedication.

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