5 Amazing Apps to Learn Chemistry

If your children find it difficult to learn chemistry, you can't miss these apps to make it easier for them to learn as they play!
5 Amazing Apps to Learn Chemistry
María José Roldán

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Chemistry is a very exciting subject when it piques the interest of teenagers. Being a complicated science, it can be difficult to understand, and demotivation can quickly set in. Luckily, there are some incredible apps to help children learn chemistry in an easy and entertaining way.

Apps for teens to learn chemistry

It’s important that the applications that you download have a well-founded foundation so that students expand their knowledge of chemistry without losing motivation along the way. Therefore, you need to choose the options that offer the possibility of achieving enjoyable and effective learning.

With the following apps to learn chemistry, students will have a much easier time and will be able to acquire knowledge at any time and place. All of them are suitable for use from your cell phone or tablet.

1. Goreact

This app was born at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It contains a complete periodic table, and from it, you can play with the different elements and drag them to the reaction zone. This way, it’s easier to remember how they react to each other when combined.

There are no less than 300 possible reactions and you just have to click on any of the 118 available elements to see what happens. It’s an application that’s very good when it comes to helping teens learn chemistry.

The table of elements.

2. Qumidroid

In this case, the application is designed to formulate compounds of all kinds. It starts with the periodic table, where the data of interest on the different elements are shown. In addition, it has a molecular mass calculator.

It’s certainly a good option to learn, but it requires a certain level of skill on the subject.

3. Periodic table 2020

This application is completely free and the format is approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. It has a periodic table of elements and a solubility table.

When you select any of the items, you get up-to-date information about them. This is ideal for when questions arise while studying the subject or simply to find out more.

4. Periodic table quiz

Children 10 years and older can have fun with this application if they’re already interested in the subject. It’s used to learn, review, and prepare for chemistry exams.

It consists of questions to test knowledge, so you must memorize the symbols and any information about the elements.

What I like most about this program is that you can compare the results with those of other players who’ve done the same activities on the internet.

5. Atomik Monsters Infinite

If the child’s over 10 years old, they can enjoy this exciting strategy game, in which they must discover the elements that make up the whole.

Through it, students learn the main properties of each element, while overcoming various obstacles in order to advance. To unlock some of them, they must create the various groups. The goal is to prevent them from reaching the top of the screen. 

Children studying chemistry.

Learn while having fun!

There are many more educational apps to discover in the App Store or Google Play, but with these five that we’ve mentioned, you know where to start. Don’t waste any time and help your kids enjoy chemistry!

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