7 Games That Never Go Out of Style

If we think about it for a little while, most of us can remember many games that never go out of style. If we want to teach them to our children, we just need a little time and patience.
7 Games That Never Go Out of Style
María José Roldán

Reviewed and approved by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Although it may seem like the internet has taken over everything, there are still games that never go out of style. We’re talking about recreational activities that easily cross generational barriers.

The following options are excellent alternatives to video games and the computer.

If you’re concerned that your children are spending too many hours behind the screen, it may be time to show them how you had fun when you were growing up. All it takes is a bit of patience, quality time and a little maternal or paternal creativity.

First we should remember what it was about those games that captivated us so much when we were young. Here, we’ll help you remember them.

Hide-and-seek: hours of fun without any toys

This is one game that children will probably never forget. The idea behind it is simple: one child starts to count from home base while the rest run and hide; afterward, he or she searches for the hidden children and tags them.

But it’s more than just searching for the hidden children. If the hider comes out of hiding and races to home base, then they’re safe. This one game can ensure hours of fun without investing in a single toy.

7 Games That Never Go Out of Style

Hopscotch: get some chalk and let the fun begin

Children didn’t always have so much technology at their disposal; which is why they sometimes had to create their own creative spaces. Hopscotch allows us to create a space to jump and meet challenges.

We just need some chalk or a stone to draw on the ground or sidewalk. Draw a 10-frame diagram that represents the spaces where we must jump on one foot. Then, throw a rock and hop through the course. This game is ideal for four to six-year-olds.

Clapping games: ideal for boys and girls at home

Hand-clapping games never go out of style. To play, friends must synchronize their handclaps while repeating a favorite song.

Although it may seem like an exaggeration, practicing this simple and quick activity can help children socialize, increase their memory capabilities and even teach them empathy.

“If you’re concerned that your children are spending too many hours behind the screen, it may be time to show them how you had fun in your time”

Games that never go out of style: jump rope

Jumping rope is a great group activity for three people. It’s quite simple: two children hold and move the rope while a third child stands in the center and jumps.

This game is perfect for getting kids to do physical exercise outdoors without them even realizing it. It’s an excellent solution for hyperactive children and also promotes social integration among friends.

Musical chairs

Musical chairs is one of the most timeless and popular games to play at any children’s party. All we need are some chairs, a group of kids and a music player.

Every participant starts with a chair, but the chairs are removed as time goes on. The children rotate around the remaining seats and when the music stops, they must sit down… whoever is left without a chair is out!

Spinning a top

This toy is usually very cheap and can be found anywhere. The spinning top comes with a piece of string that we use to wind it and make it spin on the ground.

Children need to throw the top so that the metal tip hits the ground and can spin around. You can even do many creative tricks. Undoubtedly, this is one of those games that never go out of style.

7 Games That Never Go Out of Style

Chess and the art of strategical thinking

Just about every family has a chess board at home. In this popular board game, two people face-off until one wins and says “checkmate.” It takes a lot of strategical thinking and concentration.

As we’ve seen, there are many games that never go out of style. Now, all we have to do is find one that our children like and play! 


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