How Parents Can Help Students with Online Learning?

In recent times, with the advances of technologies and the current global situation, online learning has become a necessity.
How Parents Can Help Students with Online Learning?

Last update: 14 December, 2021

The spate and rise of technology can never be underestimated in this century; science and technology can be applied to all spheres and areas of life.

Education and learning have evolved from traditional class settings to online reading, classes, and other forms of academics and learning.

Online learning has proved helpful to students as they find it more interesting, appealing, convenient for better understanding and assimilation.

Online studying became more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic when all educational institutions around the world were locked, the use of online learning tools to educate students has increased drastically.

The transformation is at its core, and it’s increasing.

Online Learning

Advantage of Online Studying


Online learning is a very efficient way for students to assimilate and get taught by their teachers.

Several tools are given out to aid in the learning process, such as; videos, PDFs, podcasts, online resources, and others. It gets frustrating as a student after reading traditional books for long hours, but it gets easy with unrestricted access to different materials online.

Economical and affordable

Online learning is more economical, and it is not less expensive when compared to physical education.

Different fees such as; cost of student transportation, meals, real estate, cost of books, and others are being reduced.

Course materials and tools are also available online, which eliminates the cost of buying books.

Flexibility and comfortability

Research shows that students find it hard to concentrate when sitting in classes for hours, which leads to mental distraction and sometimes back pain.

Online studying can be carried out from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you can decide to sit on your bed, couch chair, or even in the toilet.

Also, the cost and stress of taking public transport to campus have been eliminated. Wake up and attend your class in your comfort zone (bed, toilet, garden).

Access to any course

The financial crisis, cost of transportation, and distance may have barred you from learning your desired course as a student.

Most students from poor homes are often affected by a lack of financial capability to transport themselves to their dream university to study their dream courses.

Online learning has made it very easy; you can learn anything in the world from the comfort of your room without the need of traveling out of your town or relocating and struggling to live in a completely new and unknown city.

Time management

Online learning helps our time management skills as students, which would be beneficial shortly.

Managing work as a part-time student, family, and online learning requires adequate time management skills.

Online study programs allow the augmentation of your regular schedules alongside your learning activities.

Self-motivated studying

Online studying brings about self-motivated studying; you choose your desired courses and programs, then start learning and studying at your pace with your self-self-developed motivation to hit your targets without being pushed by anyone.

Quotes from Salman Khan.

How Parents Can Help Students with Online Learning

Parents are meant to enhance and provide supporting hands for their children during the learning process.

These are ways parents can professionally help students with online learning

Monitor and supervise

One of the best ways a parent can help their children during their online study process is by supervising and keeping an eye on what they are up to, very equally important for different reasons.

They may be baffled with different questions like: “How to remake with others in the class?”, “How do I write my essay online like a real expert?” And other things baffle their minds.

Students of this generation are very computer-savvy; research shows that one-fifth of students use their class time to do things that would harm their studies on their smartphones.

They always carry out their curiosity, pretend to be in class, go on social media platforms, search and browse things unrelated to their studies, watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, or stream songs online.

They also need to be checked if they are doing the right things, participating actively in class and others, and also never hesitate to seize their laptops or phones if it is used for more than the studying process.

Allowing playtime and exercise during their class

As the adage goes, “All day work without play, make Jack a dull boy.”

Students get tired after studying for hours; spending hours on screen time comes with many hazards such as; obesity, eye defect, stress, and depression.

The need for a break or play-time between online classes for a given amount of time is necessary because it refreshes their memory, aids focus and concentration on learning, prevents stress and anxiety after hours of tedious education and assimilation.

You can allow them to play games, watch movies, eat and take their siesta before resuming their learning process.

Engage them in conversations

Once in a while, try to engage your children in honest and literate conversations.

Ask them professional questions like;

  • How are they faring with their mental health?
  • Is online studying fundamental?
  • Problems they are facing?

Try to be a good listener with empathy, do not use pressure, coercion, or force, allow them to show their emotions.

Motivate, compliment their struggle, efforts, and achievements, also provide support mentally, physically, and emotionally

You can also consult a professional Parenting Psychologist or friends for enlightenment, education, and support.

Supporting their learning needs

Students’ online learning process can be smoothened and catalyzed by providing their needs and materials.

It provides an opportunity for them to level with their counterparts and boosts their chances of overcoming their challenges.

  • Provide their primary and essential learning material; Computer, course E-books, and others.
  • Set up a conducive atmosphere that aid the s learning process


Online learning has been one of the new technology innovations in the education industry. It has brought about many advantages, like:

  • Economical And Affordable
  • Efficiency
  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility And Comfortability, and others.

Some responsibilities of parents are to monitor, guide, and supervise their children through their online learning process.

Some ways by which parents can help students with their online learning process are;

  • Supporting learning needs
  • Allowing Play Time And Exercise During Their class
  • Engage Them In Conversations

Follow the highlighted steps and experience a change in your children’s learning online process.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.