How to Motivate Children to Learn Math

Mathematics is one of the subjects that's hardest for many of our little ones to learn. With that in mind, and to help make math easier for our children, there are certain steps we can take as adults. Games, interaction and routine can all be great allies.
How to Motivate Children to Learn Math

Last update: 02 April, 2019

In this article we’ll talk about the importance of helping motivate children to learn math from an early age, through games and encouragement.

A subject of much debate these days is children’s motivation – or lack thereof – to learn in school. In this sense, one of the fundamental objectives in the teaching and learning process is that children feel motivated, something that can sometimes be a challenge.

Motivation: A fundamental aspect to learning

In this day and age, motivating children to learn all the different school subjects offered is a great challenge for the educational system.

Though motivation is necessary for any given subject, it can be particularly difficult when it comes to teaching and learning math.

Often, math is one of the subjects that children have the hardest time learning. To study mathematics, students must concentrate and pay close attention to what they’re doing. In the majority of cases, this is hard for kids to do.

Just the same, math is fundamental for children’s cognitive development. It’s a science that they must start to assimilate from an early age.

The challenge is that, beyond understanding the importance of math, it’s also important to make it fun so that kids don’t get bored.

If children see this subject as boring and meaningless, they’ll become distracted and unmotivated. If they can have fun with it and understand its relevance, they’ll be more willing to learn.

How to motivate children to learn math

How to motivate children to learn math is a question that many teachers ask themselves when it comes to teaching their students.

The truth is, motivating children to learn math has to do with finding fun and entertaining activities. Through these activities, children can acquire the basics of this subject.

Making learning math easier for kids will help them see this subject as a useful tool. With this in mind, today’s article will offer some advice for motivating children as they enter the fascinating world of mathematics.

How to Motivate Children to Learn Math

Teach math from an early age

In order for children to understand and feel motivated when it comes to math, it’s important that they begin to discover math from a young age.

The attraction should start in the home. For example, parents can teach their kids to count the objects in their home (up to 10 or 20), look for patterns, and recognize shapes.

This is a daily task that takes place at home within the warmth of the family nucleus. This is important, since the sensations that children’s first contact with math produces is what, in a way, will motivate them to discover this world.

Apply math to real life

As children continue to grow, an excellent way to motivate them to practice this science is applying it to real day-to-day life. For example, checking and comparing the product prices at the supermarket, calculating prices, reading recipes, recognizing numbers in everyday situations, etc.

Avoid speaking negatively about math

It’s crucial that both parents and teachers provide a positive outlook on the importance of learning math in life. If adults pass on the message that math is difficult and useless, then children will come to believe the same.

As a result, they’ll have an extremely hard time finding the motivation to learn, and may even experience anxiety with regards to math.

“If children see this subject as boring and meaningless, they’ll become distracted and unmotivated. If they can have fun with it and understand its relevance, they’ll be more willing to learn.”

Motivate children to learn at all times

As you can see, the motivation that adults provide, especially to small children, is fundamental.

Motivation is the motor of learning, so it’s extremely vital that children feel motivated and have a desire to learn. This is important not only in regards to math, but in every area of life.

How to Motivate Children to Learn Math

Motivate children to learn math through games

Games are essential to children’s lives, and teaching math through fun activities is an excellent way to capture their interest. Children not only learn through games, but they also have a great time .

Though children also need to understand that math requires work and effort, the best way to motivate them is through games and other fun activities. This allows them to discover the world of numbers from a more attractive vantage point.

In conclusion, finding ways to motivate children to learn math is a challenge for today’s parents and teachers. Both figures must get involved and be present in the learning process and take an active role in motivating young minds.

And when it comes to motivating children to learn in general, nothing works better than teaching through fun and games .

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