7 Original Ideas to Thank Teachers for Their Work

We'll present 7 original ideas to thank teachers for their work with our children. Start creating this precious gift!
7 Original Ideas to Thank Teachers for Their Work
Samanta Ruiz

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Written by Samanta Ruiz

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Schools are a space for learning and socialization, but none of this would be possible without the valuable work of teachers. Do you want to thank them for all they do? If so, take a look at these original ideas to thank teachers for their work with our children.

Gratitude, in addition to being a very pleasant recognition for teachers, is an exemplary attitude on your part and a lesson in values for your children.

Take a look at these projects and choose the one you like best!

Thank teachers for their work: A small gesture to recognize all they do

As parents, we know that the education of little ones is a difficult task and that we only have to deal with our own children. Imagine what it means to educate a group of little ones who are all different and who each have their own problems and realities!

For this reason, either at the end of the school year or at any time of the year, it’s good to recognize the enormous task that the people who spend every day with our little ones carry out.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Write a thank you letter

Although it’s not a very original idea, letters have the value of written communication: Through them, you can express with beautiful words your gratitude.

What’s more, you can encourage your child to also write some phrases or a final loving greeting. This task will teach you that other people’s work should be valued and that you, as a family, have felt accompanied by the teacher.

This is called empathy and it’s one of the main skills of emotional intelligence.

A child writing "Thank you" on a paper with a red crayon.
Teaching children the habit of saying thank you is very healthy for their future.

2. Give the teacher a craft

Giving the teacher a work created with their student’s own hands is a very valuable gesture.

There are countless crafts to do at home that are great to give to your teacher, such as a pen, a calendar, a bookmark, among others.

3. Make a collage painting

This idea is perfect for younger children, as they’ll be working with their hands the way the teacher taught them.

Choose a happy theme, which can be a landscape, the school facade, or a topic that they’ve seen in class. Then, cut colored pieces of paper and assemble the figures.

The teacher is sure to be moved by this beautiful painting!

4. Invent, write, and illustrate a story

To practice a little what the children have learned in school, putting their imagination and creativity to work to create a story is a great idea.

In addition to writing it, they can add illustrations to make it more cheerful and also so that younger children understand it.

The teacher will be delighted to read a story created by their little ones, which is the result of their work with them throughout the year.

5. Record a video

One of the most modern and original ideas to thank teachers is to make a family video to thank them. You can write a letter and read it, add images, and also animated gifts.

We recommend not forcing your child to appear in the video if they don’t want to. Rather, it should be something they do out of their own decision. Otherwise, their reluctance will surely show in the final product!

6. Resort to art: Paint, mold, design

Art is always a good way to express feelings and emotions. Therefore, it’s a great choice for a thank you gift.

Making a colorful and cheerful drawing, molding a figure to use as a decorative element, or reproducing a design of a useful object (such as a purse or a cell phone holder), are all excellent options.

8. Create a thank you poster

If your children already know how to express themselves with words, they can collaborate with you and write a list to put together a beautiful thank you poster.

They might start with a phrase like the following:

“Teacher, we thank you for…

  • Teaching us interesting and different things every day.
  • Having the patience to explain things to us over and over again when we don’t understand.
  • Understanding that we have good and bad days.
  • Listening to our opinions.
  • Making us laugh and having a great time in each class.
  • Doing everything with love, respect, and joy.
A drawing of a teacher on a blackboard with bouquet of flowers
Teachers are some of the people who spend the most time with our children. And they fulfill the important mission of educating them.

Original ideas to thank teachers. What do you think?

“Saying thanks is part of having good manners”, my grandmother used to say. But I think that today we could say that it’s much more than that, especially when it comes to teachers. Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of these people in our lives: They’re the ones we entrust with the care of the most precious treasure we have.

Children spend much of their day at school with their teachers and their homework complements what we do at home. This allows them to achieve the comprehensive training they need.

The doctor in Educational Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Alicia Razeto, defines the relationship between the school and the family in this way:

“The school is presented as a formal educational institution with a long history, tradition, and relevance, which complements the mission of the family, by specializing and deepening the education of the child in a collective context”.

For these reasons, it seemed to us that you would be interested in replicating these original ideas in your home to thank your children’s teachers. The objective is multiple: Saying thank you, teaching children values, and showing them empathy and respect by example.

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