What Are Emotional Vitamins for Children?

What Are Emotional Vitamins for Children?

Last update: 18 April, 2018

Do you know this simple way to motivate your child and strengthen their self-esteem? In this article we’ll explain how emotional vitamins work and their multiple benefits for children.

Emotional vitamins is a phrase that frequently appears in educational and motivational guides for parents.

It implies that our children’s health isn’t exclusively about the body. It’s also about mental health and emotions.

Based on this idea, experts in the field devised supplements to help strengthen our children’s mental health.

Although love and understanding are present, additional doses of emotional vitamins are a great way to prevent affective fatigue.

Emotional vitamins can be offered in many different ways such as motivational phrases, cards with positive messages, mid-day text messages or words of encouragement before important events like exams or football games.

The creation of these vitamins arose after recognizing that daily activities and competitiveness in society can fill our children with fears and uncertainty. This can also affect their self-esteem.

Despite the kind of difficulties that arise, these vitamins can be administered by parents and loved ones. They’ll undoubtedly strengthen the child’s self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Emotional vitamins for children

Here is the breakdown of the internal content of emotional vitamins and how to administer them.

We’ll also share with you the indications, posology, adverse reactions, interaction with other samples of love and how our children can use their doses appropriately.

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Every tablet of emotional vitamins contains a motivational phrase to reinforce the child’s spirit.

They’re composed of affirmative words, loving phrases, stimuli for self-acceptance as well as moral and educational advice.

Administration and presentation

There are different ways to administer emotional vitamins. The simplest way is orally.

Every morning you can offer your child a motivating phrase along with a good morning and a kiss.

This will help motivate them to finish pending tasks at school. It will also remind them how much their parents and family love them and how great it feels to be part of the family.

The end of the day is an ideal moment where they can talk calmly about the activities they accomplished during the day.

This is a good time to offer a message that encourages them to carry on with their tasks.

You can also offer emotional vitamins in the form of commercial products such as cards.

In the cards you can write motivational phrases for children and teens. These messages can be affectionate, motivating or filled with messages of encouragement.

“You can use the method that you prefer the most. You can even design your own type of vitamin according to your child’s daily needs.”


These vitamins are indicated in order to prevent and treat emotional and affective energy deficiencies in children of all ages.


From five (5) to ten (10) emotional vitamins a day. You can exceed the recommended dosis without any problems.

Adverse reactions

There are no contraindications to the use of emotional vitamins. In fact, this is a special type of vitamin and its overdose elevates children to a state of mental well-being that can be reflected in their daily development.


The use of emotional vitamins can be complemented with hugs, kisses, gestures, caresses, laughter, applaud, smiles and songs that raise the child’s spirit.

They can also be complemented by motivating messages, cards, text messages and letters. Emotional vitamins work well with anything that allows you to encourage your children.

This can also result in parents receiving a lot of love back in return from their children.

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 “Always keep within the reach of children.” Teach your children about emotional vitamins. They should also administer them to their siblings, friends, teachers and to you as a parent as well.

As a result, you’ll be molding happy children who understand the powerful value of affectionate words when it comes to raising spirits.

Final recommendations

Emotional vitamins are available for free without a prescription. As we stated earlier you can design them according to your children’s needs.

In order to keep them balanced, feed your children in a healthy way so they can feel strong and energetic.

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