Enjoy Your Baby: Time Passes Quickly

Enjoy Your Baby: Time Passes Quickly

Last update: 09 December, 2017

Time passes quickly, even for a mom. And although your baby may be in your arms right now and need you to survive, it is good to be aware that everything changes, and anything can happen.

The day will come when your baby starts to sleep alone, when they start to be able to talk and tell you what hurts and, quickly, the day will come when they no longer want to stay home with you and prefer to go out with their friends.

Sooner rather than later, all children leave the nest, so enjoy your baby now. Treasure these beautiful moments in your memory and love your child at all times, even when you have to resort to breathing exercises because they constantly demand your attention.

Take advantage of when they are still a baby, because time will slip through your fingers if you spend it complaining and focusing on the negative.

Enjoy the way your baby smells, their cute little faces, and how peaceful they are when they are sleeping like an angel. Learning to grow with your child, understanding their needs, and meeting these needs helps you to seize the day while they are still a child.

Do this so you will not feel like your child has suddenly grown up without you noticing. You have been by their side to accompany them during their different life stages.

Beat The Clock – Time Passes Quickly

times passes quickly when raising your child

Of course all moms and dads are happy when their children are born and they enjoy the presence of children in their lives. However, the responsibility of supporting a family and working, on top of the challenges that come with parenting, make the experience less enjoyable.

This is understandable, as a constant routine can rob us of our peace of mind and ability to live in the here and now enjoying ourselves.

Time, an abstract concept that differentiates us as a species, sometimes plays tricks on us because we lose track of it when we focus only on annoyances and miss the beautiful moments that we share with our babies as they grow, little by little, to become an adult.

Take advantage of the time you have to share all of the moments of play time, laughter, frustration, tears, joy, boredom, learning, and growth with your child.

Share your days, nights, hugs, and kisses. Reassurance and communication are priceless. Part of your mission as a mom is to participate in your child’s life, and consequently they become an active participant in your life.

Enjoy the Here and Now, Because Time Flies

time passes quickly when your children are growing up

Being present during most of your child’s life moments is one of the best gifts you can be given as a mother. Always keep in mind that although there are hard days and times, it goes by very quickly and whatever it is that is trying your patience now, is only one phase and will pass as all of them do.

Moms, try to enjoy your babies, to value the little things in each day, and to be understanding in addition to taking full advantage of each of your baby’s growth stages. Do not miss anything. Every stage is unique, wonderful, and gives you a chance to grow in the same mysterious and beautiful way that your baby grows.

Although work is demanding and even if you are not able to get as much laundry done or pick up as many toys, find the time to talk with your baby, to hug them, to understand how they are feeling and what they are worrying about, to look them in the eyes and hold them close to your chest where they will always have a place to cuddle, no matter how old they are.

Whatever life stage you are experiencing with your child, they will always be your baby, so keep in mind how important it is to be attentive to what is going on with them, how crucial it is to be present and active, and how essential it is to enjoy each day.

Do not forget, your children will not be children forever. What you do today and now, whether big or small, has an important influence on their future. So try to be happy with them.


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