8 Games to Entertain Kids on Long Trips

Having options to entertain kids on long trips makes the experience more pleasant, be it by car or by plane. The following games are great for the whole family!
8 Games to Entertain Kids on Long Trips

Last update: 08 December, 2018

If you’re planning a car trip or need to travel by plane, you may be concerned with your children getting bored. For this reason, we’ve selected the best games to entertain kids on long trips.

So get ready to kiss boredom goodbye with these games for the whole family.

Games to entertain kids on long trips

Before selecting games to play on your long trip, you need to take your children’s age and tastes into account, as well as the mode of transportation.

Of course, traveling by car also means you can turn to the internet via phones and tablets. Meanwhile, planes offer in-flight movies.

Nevertheless, when the trips are several hours long, even the most tech-friendly children will get bored of the screen and want something else to do (besides sleep). This is the time for parents to use their imagination and find creative ways to entertain their kids.

In this article, we’ll show you some games you can play with your kids on lengthy trips. These can be adapted depending on their age and their boredom level.

One participant says a color, and the other players have to name nearby objects of that color. For example, if one player says red, another can name a stop sign, a red car, a red purse, etc.

This is similar to the first game, but a bit more difficult. A player says a letter and the others have to list objects starting with that letter. For example, if one player says “C,” the other can respond with “car,” “cow,” “crate,” etc.

8 Games to Entertain Kids on Long Trips

3. Family singalongs

If you’re traveling by car, a game that will entertain your kids is a group singalong. This can be performed a capella, or along with the radio.

You can even listen to a playlist of children’s songs from your cell phone, or load your kids’ favorite songs on a USB drive to listen to in the car’s media player. Of course, you can always use YouTube videos for musical backing.

4. Guessing game

This is a classic game for long trips. One player asks the others to guess something he or she is thinking of by offering a clue like “it starts with ‘A'” or “it’s purple.” You can also guess characters, movies, foods, and sports by giving telltale characteristics as clues. It’s really fun!

5. Counting objects

To keep your kids paying attention on the highway for an hour or more, you can ask them to count objects or cars of a certain color or brand. It’s even more fun if they’re hard to find, like yellow cars.

“When the trips are several hours long, even the most tech-friendly child will get bored of the screen and want something else to do.”

6. Learning traffic signs

Games can be educational, even during long car rides. Parents, who are already familiar with traffic signs, can start by explaining them to their children. Then, they can quiz the kids on the signs’ meanings.

7. Coloring and drawing

This isn’t really a game, but it’s a great activity for long plane rides, where kids have to sit still for many hours at a time with few forms of entertainment.

Buy them a nice coloring book or a notebook and colored pencils. You may even bring out your child’s artistic side without knowing it.

8 Games to Entertain Kids on Long Trips

8. Telling stories

The last activity to entertain your kids on long trips can be done in a number of ways. The classic version is to take a storybook and read it through to the end (or until the child falls asleep).

Other options include making up a story using elements related to the trip, or letting the kids tell an imaginative tale of their own.

As you can see, there are plenty of great entertainment options to stave off boredom on lengthy trips. It’s just a matter of being a bit creative and paying attention to your kids’ needs.

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