Games to Try Instead of Screen Time

For parents who want to find alternatives to screen time, this article will provide a variety of options. Take note and share some wonderful times with your kids!
Games to Try Instead of Screen Time

Last update: 24 March, 2019

If your child spends a lot of time in front of electronic devices, you may be trying to find some alternative games to play instead of screen time.

We know that technology is here to stay. However, there are other games that will help kids learn and have fun without resorting to the virtual world.

In this article we’ll mention a few other ways to entertain kids without having to spend hours in front of television or phone screens. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Games to try instead of screen time

These are the games to play instead of screen time that we suggest. Take note and decide what activity you might like to try with your kids!

1. Creative games

The first game to play instead of screen time is based on art activities. These, in addition to entertaining kids, can increase their creativity and talent.

In this sense, activities like painting, drawing, or making figures from wood or paper can be ideal for developing children’s brains during childhood. Of course it also helps avoid the use of electronic devices.

Certainly, it’s a good idea to encourage children to try building with sand, clay, or mud. This uses large muscle groups to build their constructions.

Games to Try Instead of Screen Time

2. Nature games

Nature is undoubtedly one of the most educational environments for young children.

It can become even more fun if you include games to entertain your children and help them discover the intricacies hidden in the natural world, in order to practice the content they learn in school.

You can also take advantage of outside elements, such as leaves or rocks, to create a beautiful collage at home with your children. That way you’ll be able to remember the wonderful day spent outside as a family

It’s a great idea to ask your child to lead you along the path and avoid obstacles. If you do this, choose the ideal walking stick for going hiking.

“We must ensure that our children have something to tell. And this can only happen if children have time to play freely.”

–Francesco Tonucci–

3. Board games

Board games are another great alternative to screen time. Certainly, these have been a source of entertainment for children for many years. But technology has slowly been edging them out.

However, there are still tons of board games on the market, both classic and modern. These pastimes are entertaining and offer many benefits for young children. 

Among other things, board games improve their mental capacities, exercise their memory, support better cognitive function, reduce stress, and can be educational as well.

Likewise, board games can play a crucial developmental role for children. They’re an important aspect for brain development. They help children acquire logical reasoning abilities and encourage critical thinking.

Additionally, they help improve verbal abilities and attention, due to the fact that they force children to concentrate for a longer period of time.

Games to Try Instead of Screen Time

4. Sports

Finally, involving your child in sports is a great alternative. These types of activities improve children’s social abilities and help them make friends.

At the same time, they’ll also spend time doing a healthy activity. Sports can  give your children the same adrenaline rush that they seek from screens, both from the activity and the competition.

However, it’s possible that your children aren’t interested in team sports or don’t have the skills required for traditional sports. If that is the case, don’t forget that there are many options to consider, such as bowling or archery, among others.

Allow your children to try various team sports or games until they find something that truly interests them.

Finally, keep in mind that games instead of screen time are an ideal option for children’s development. It’s a good idea to start with something on this list, since your children will surely enjoy these activities!

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