How Do Mothers Remember Everything?

Mothers develop incredible skills, such as impressive memory. Their infinite love definitely makes them our day-to-day-heroines. How do they remember everything?
How Do Mothers Remember Everything?

Last update: 09 January, 2019

Many wonder how mothers remember everything. How do they do it all? Do they have super powers? Do they have an insurmountable memory?

These questions arise whenever mothers surprise their children with their good memory. Again and again, they recall even the smallest detail.

Many times, we believe that moms have real powers because they do awesome things. However, the fact that they gave life to another human being makes them powerful people in the eyes of their children and everyone around them.

Women have the blessing of carrying a child in the womb for nine months. From the moment you discover you’re having a baby, your body opens up to endless sensations. 

Mothers have many gifts. For example, they’re full of pure and unconditional love that only they know how to give.

In addition, they discipline in a unique way, with firmness and tenderness. They always do so with a protective and educational tone.

They’re also an unwavering guide for their children. Mothers overflow with knowledge, support, advice and company at the right time. 

They’re also always willing to give their children what they need. In addition, they pamper and spoil, but not too much. They know how to maintain balance.

However, the most surprising thing is that they have an amazing memory. They can remember so many things in an instant.

Why mothers remember everything

The reason for this phenomenon is that during pregnancy, the mother’s brain shrinks. This helps the hippocampus restructure and increase connections.

Neural structures begin to change. The brain gets ready to take on the role it will now play for the rest of its life.

How Do Mothers Remember Everything?

As a consequence, mothers’ senses refine and their feelings blossom. Additionally, their memory activates and automatically stores everything that happens during pregnancy. 

That’s why we always talk about how mothers remember everything. It’s simply because of their instincts.

From the moment of delivery, the connection between mother and child increases. In addition, long-term and short-term memories begin to retain images, events and actions. From there, the memory stays more active to capture everything that happens around it.

However, many times, things don’t go as planned. However, some mothers fail to develop good memories. 

They’re limited to “today” without being able to process all of the information around them. They might also forget pleasant moments over time.

“After pregnancy, neural structures begin to change. The brain gets ready to take on the role it will now play for the rest of its life.”

How can I promote good memory?

Not all mothers can remember things well. Therefore, we have some tips that can help you:

  • Visually label things that need to be done. This way, that little reminder will help you not forget your daily tasks.
  • You can also make a small list of activities to do. Then, you can place it on the refrigerator door.
  • Another option is to organize the ideas and make a graphic organizer with the tasks. You can use photos and objects if it helps you.
  • Additionally, it helps to develop your memory through crossword puzzles and word searches. In fact, these help build your concentration.
How Do Mothers Remember Everything?

Why are mothers’ memories so natural?

The reason for this is very simple: through organization. This is the best way to avoid forgetting things. Therefore, if you follow an order or pattern, it’s difficult to not remember things.

Mothers who have everything planned out relieve stress and enjoy more family time. In addition, if stress levels go down, so does the likelihood of forgetting responsibilities and other tasks.

In addition, thanks to the hormone prolactin, mothers are braver. Therefore, they will do anything to protect their children. Their brains are so full of courage that they become even brighter than before.

How do mothers remember everything? It’s simply because they’re incredible! We’ll always come short of listing their benefits and explaining the wonders they do every day.

Their courage, love and amazing memory are just some of the things that make mothers so exceptional.

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