Summer Activities for Parents and Children

If you're someone who enjoys summer, it will surely seem like a great season to share with your children. There are many activities for parents and children nowadays. Take advantage of every moment!
Summer Activities for Parents and Children

Last update: 22 June, 2019

We’ll give you some great ideas for summer activities for parents and children in this article.

When summer arrives, the weather invites us to go outside and share unforgettable moments with our loved ones.  There are many options, and summer is long enough that there’s time for them all. 

In addition to great weatherchildren have lots of free time during summer break. For busy parents, it’s tempting to sit them in front of a screen for a while.

However, there’s nothing better for their development than to be outside exploring, developing their skills, and playing. Parents cannot only be protectorsThey need to join in on the fun and have quality time with their children.

Best summer activities for parents and children

Given that it’s their break and it’s important to keep kids entertained and motivated, we must emphasize that you need to encourage your children to pick something they like.

Here’s a list of suggestions that can help you plan wonderful summer activities together:

Fun in the water

It goes without saying that swimming pools and waterparks are very important during these months. 

You can take advantage of these spaces both for leisure and sport activities. In this sense, swimming and synchronized swimming are two great options.

If you don’t have a pool at home, of course you can take your children to a public pool. Or, you can do something much simpler: a hose and a few water balloons! They’ll definitely have a blast!


Although it’s a classic option, it’ll definitely be one of your child’s favorites. Children who play sports often enjoy it as often as possible. If you play with your child, he’ll have even more fun!

Summer Activities for Parents and Children

Cooking lessons

Instead of leaving your child watching TV while you make food, invite him in the kitchen so he can learn every tool and ingredient. In addition, it’s a good time for you to experiment together. Ask him what food he would like to try.

Kids tend to be attracted to what they see in cartoons, then try to make it. Not only will you be having fun with your child, you’ll also be teaching him important knowledge.

“There’s nothing better for their development than to be outside exploring, developing their skills, and playing.”

Go for a walk

Due to summer break, public institutions usually offer activities, fairs, exhibitions, and even free days. It can be a great time to visit the zoo, parks, museum, and even the movies.

Remember that kids can love extremely simple activities. The reason is because during the school year, it’s difficult to enjoy these moments of such intimate connections. This is because of school, extracurricular activities, and the parents’ jobs.

Another great option is to camp with your children. You can include some of your friends or relatives.

As for where to camp, don’t worry about that too much. Even camping in the backyard will be an adventure for everyone. It’ll be an unbeatable time to barbecue and tell stories in the open air.

Make an activity diary

You can take photographs, print them out, and paste them in a diary as an album. Your child can also write his experiences during the day, draw pictures and write down suggestions for next time.

He can even write down funny moments or phrases, or even have a guest leave a message.

Summer Activities for Parents and Children

Movies and video games

Just because you should avoid screens doesn’t mean you should eliminate them completely. 

In fact, if you tried to take them away altogether, your child would surely throw a tantrum. Therefore, what better idea than to join in on the fun?

With delicious lemonade, popcorn, and a healthy appetizer, you can spend the hottest hours inside the house.

With these summer activities for parents and children, the holidays will go by in the blink of an eye. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Best of all, you’ll strengthen your relationship with your child. He’ll feel that his parents love, listen to, and care about him.

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