5 Games to Play on Rainy Days

Rainy days can be boring at times, even for adults. That's why you'll have to sharpen your imagination to be able to find fun alternatives for the little ones.
5 Games to Play on Rainy Days

Last update: 06 September, 2018

Kids who enjoy the outdoors have a big problem during rainy days. Many of them become irritable, anxious and in a bad mood because of their boredom. If you’ve experienced these tricky situations, then these games for rainy days will be of great use to you. Take a peek and choose your favorite one.

Very few things challenge our imagination as much as rainy days. They’re a true test for parents and caretakers.

You have to rule out park outings, backyard games and trips to the zoo from the very beginning. Your mission will be to sharpen your creativity and find a way to entertain your child who can’t stop wandering around the house complaining about being bored.

Panic not: here are 5 games for rainy days that can help you have a great time with your little ones on rainy days.

Games for rainy days to have fun at home

Video games are an obvious choice when thinking about rainy day games. Board games are also great for encouraging interaction between friends and family. In case you don’t have either of these at home, here are other options for games on rainy days:

1. Treasure Hunt

Kids love this game. One of the participants draws a map of the house (if they can’t, do it yourself) showing the way to the hidden treasure. You could use an item or a bag with coins as treasure.

The hunt can be one-by-one (either taking turns or by time) or everyone at once. At the end of the game, whoever has found the most treasures, wins.

To make it even more fun, you can add some sort of costume or an eyepatch for the captain of the pirate ship, who will hide the treasure.

“Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.”

–John Updike–

2. Guess the Item

A great choice for group games. You have to put the biggest number of items possible (none of them pointy) in a bag or a backpack.

Then one of the players will put on a blindfold and, in no more than a minute, will try to guess what’s in the bag. The player who guesses the most items wins.

5 Games to Play on Rainy Days

3. Pictionary

A classic, but by no means less effective. You’ll need at least four contestants, a blackboard and something to write on to be able to play this game, which is aimed at older kids.

You’ll have to make a list of movies, TV shows or characters and scribble them on several pieces of paper. Then, you’ll have to split the players into pairs or teams.

One of the players must take out one of the pieces of paper and draw whatever is written on it on the blackboard. The other one must guess what it is within a set timeframe. The team that scores the most guesses will win.

4. Who Am I?

Another famous game. You’ll have to write the names of famous people on several pieces of paper. Then each player has to take one paper out and stick it to their forehead. Using the questions of the remaining players, each player must accrue data to guess who the famous person is.

It’s imperative that every question is a “yes/no” question so that each player can search the info that they need. Just like Pictionary, this game is aimed at kids of a certain age.

An equally fun (and more inclusive for younger children) variant is to do it with actions. That is, instead of characters, write something like “walking the dog.” Whoever takes out this paper will have to act out this action and the rest will have to guess.

5 Games to Play on Rainy Days

5. Home Camping

With the aid of sheets, armchairs, chairs and all the household items you can find at your disposal, you can play at setting up tents and simulate a fun home camp.

You can include snacks, storytelling and do activities that are characteristic of these outings, but at home.

Furthermore, this activity has a double purpose: it entertains and, at the same time, educates kids about what is needed to survive a day of camping.

There are many other options. You can also arrange fashion shows, singing and dancing contests, or play fun card games. It will depend on the space and items you have available, as well as your children’s preferences.

What’s important is to turn rainy days from empty, boring days into real opportunities for fun and bonding. With a little creativity and dedication, you’ll all surely have a great time.

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