What Happens to Me When You Smile

What Happens to Me When You Smile

Last update: 17 February, 2018

My child, you have no idea what happens to me when you smile. Every time you show your teeth, the whole world smiles and laughs with you.

You cannot imagine what this beautiful and pleasant gesture creates. It has been nourishing my soul since you were born.

When you smile, you give me the best possible introduction to your personality, and you begin to erase the most deeply rooted sorrows from the history of my life.

My pain and suffering are assuaged, clouded by the glow that you radiate.

Even if it is hard for you to believe and accept, when you smile you give me hope. You become my guiding star and my reason for living.

You fill my soul with happiness, comfort my heart, and nurture my dreams. Your smile truly becomes my salvation.

What Happens to Me When You Smile

What Happens to Me When You Smile

When you smile, my tiredness goes away and is replaced by energy. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing that smile, the best part of a human being, crowning your face.

A smile from you is like a gift to me.

Grey skies become blue, and night turns into day just from this simple display of your happiness. I am overcome with pride and the satisfaction that I must be doing something right.

I understand the value of peace. Every moment with you redefines happiness.

When you smile, I feel personal fulfilment, as if I am exploding with love. I fall even more in love with your essence and embrace your joy.

Your smile is so precious and unique. It is capable of brightening a day and inspiring a poem.

Every time you laugh, the whole world stops and looks, appreciating such a miracle of beauty.

The expression in your eyes is capable of giving warmth to all of humanity. Your mischievousness shows in the creases of your little button nose.

When you smile, I feel like you are capable of rebuilding anything that we think has been destroyed.

Such a simple gesture is able to give life to what moments ago laid dormant. More than anything, you can actually understand that life is beautiful and perfectly imperfect.

Your Smile Is Healing

Every time I see you, I break into a spontaneous and natural smile that I can feel healing me. You heal my pain, eliminate my sufferings and ease all my discomfort.

You take away any sadness and doubt from my mind. You clear my mind and become the beautiful center of my focus.

When you smile you are able to light our way forward. You flood every moment and memory of you with light.

You plant the seeds of happiness and reap joy from them. You do nothing but give me love and in return you receive my unconditional and eternal affection.

Every time your beautiful and angelic face curls into a smile, you spark dreams and give life to hope. You tempt fate and bring my dreams closer.

You nourish my soul with invaluable strength and bravery. You enrich my spirit and elevate my soul. You fill my heart and enlighten my life.

What Happens to Me When You Smile

When you smile, I have no other option but to believe and trust – in you, in myself, and in life. In the miracle of having been able to meet you and to have you as a child. To have had you be a part of my life and to learn with you always by my side.

When you smile, I understand that I have been blessed with an angel to heal my wounds.

My little love, every time I see you smile, I understand that I have a new opportunity in my hands. Perhaps the most beautiful and valuable opportunity of all.

Growing up, maturing, learning and moving forward with that beautiful smile are your legacies that I promise not to waste.

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