7 Tips to Relieve Your Child's Cough

7 Tips to Relieve Your Child's Cough

Last update: 16 October, 2017

A mother’s biggest enemies are, without a doubt, flues, colds, and any sort of illness that can cause their children to suffer. One of the biggest concerns that moms have when it comes to their children’s health has to do with seasonal illness: How to relieve your child’s cough.

As we all well know, the first thing we need to do is consult with our child’s pediatrician. Your child’s pediatrician will examine your little one and make an appropriate diagnosis as well as recommend an adequate treatment plan.

That being said, the truth is there are a series of calming remedies that can be useful and effective at improving our child’s quality of life when he is ill. Many times, when dealing with viruses or bacterial infections, the healing process takes some time. However, there are ways to relieve your child’s cough and help him heal correctly in the meantime.

Relieving your child’s cough: Tips for moms in trouble

Of course, like any other mother, you can’t stand seeing your child suffer when he’s sick. You’ve already consulted with your child’s doctor and you’re following his recommendations to a t, waiting in anticipation for your child to be better. Just the same, there are a series of measures you can take to make the process more bearable.

How to relieve your child's cough

So for that reason, pay attention. In this article from You Are Mom, we will be sharing with you a list of elementary home remedies to help you care for those you love most. Helping to relieve your child’s cough doesn’t have to be impossible:

  • Onion, the traditional home remedy preferred by mothers. Who hasn’t cut an onion in half and left it on their child’s night table during a cold? Believe it or not, the onion bulb dilates the bronchial tube naturally. Using this method will allow your little one to breath more easily. Another natural way to open your child’s airway is with eucalyptus leaf, which can be submerged in water and steamed.
  • Ginger tea with honey and lemon, a winter wonder. When dealing with the throat, nothing is better than ginger tea, especially when you combine it with honey and lemon. This powerful natural trio stands out as a fail proof natural winter remedy. It’s no wonder, given the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of lemon, and the antiseptic properties of honey. As for ginger, it will clear out your little one’s nostrils, regulate body temperature, and is a great expectorant.
  • Propoleo, the magic ingredient. To relieve a cough, especially when your child has phlegm, there’s nothing better than propoleo. Propoleo is a potent natural resource for fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are teas, cough drops and syrups that contain this magical ingredient.
  • Steam, in all its various presentations. There is nothing like this unbeatable classic technique. The dangerous boiling pot of the past has now been replaced by a good comforting shower with hot water. This is a common recommendation given by doctors for simple cases of the flu or a cold. The old method of having your child lean over a pot of hot water with a towel over his head is no longer considered safe, as it has been the cause of serious accidents. Doctors are also skeptical of the use of nebulizers and recommend them only for directing antibiotics into the child’s airway.

Massage: Relieve your child’s cough while pampering your child

how to relieve your child's cough

Massages provide you with an excellent opportunity to apply calming substances that can relieve your child’s cough while spending time together. While you care for your child, take advantage of the opportunity to play, cuddle, and fill him with love and affection.

There are basically three types of massages that may be used for this purpose, described below:

  • Foot massage, using a menthol ointment. Without a doubt, you’ve heard of this tactic before. This massage consists of simply rubbing a menthol ointment on the sole of your child’s feet before bedtime. This will help produce the opening of his bronchial tube and allow your child to breathe better.
  • Back massage. To begin, lie your child face down. Second, warm up your little one’s back by rubbing up the length of his spinal column (from waist to shoulders). Then, pat your child’s ribs lightly with your fingertips, always moving in an upward direction, starting just below the lungs. Remember to sit your child up for 2 or 3 minutes afterward to help him clear his throat.
  • Steam bath followed by patting child’s back. One final tip for helping relieve your child’s cough involves giving your child a nice mini sauna treatment with steam from the shower, and then gently pat his back around the lungs with cup-shaped hands.

How about you? What other strategies do you have when it comes to relieving your child’s cough? Did you already know these methods? Do you have any other cough relief techniques to help calm your child in this situation? Share your experience with us! 

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