9 Easy Tricks to Bringing Down Your Baby's Temperature

9 Easy Tricks to Bringing Down Your Baby's Temperature

Last update: 10 December, 2017

Mommies, don’t think twice about bringing down your baby’s temperature if they have a fever. It’s true that a fever is his body’s natural response to illness; a defense mechanism to limit the spread of pathogens. However, a high fever can be very dangerous, especially in small children.

Before going on, we should warn you that a fever can be very innocent or very serious, depending on its origen. Therefore, any time your baby’s temperature rises above 38 degrees, or even before that, you should take him to the pediatrician. A medical professional will be able to indicate what pharmaceuticals should be used.

The pediatrician will do the work of diagnosing the causes behind the fever. Your child’s doctor will prescribe the medication that you need to give your child. It’s important to take note of exact times and amounts of medication that the doctor prescribes, as well as any other indications.

Never disregard the opinion of the pediatrician nor the medicine that is prescribed. You should never try to treat your child with home remedies just because “this is the way it used to be done” or “this is how my mom did it.”

The tricks that we suggest here, as well as any other tip that you find on the internet, only complement the action of prescribed medication, or can be used at certain points as an alternative. But we want to make it clear: They are not meant to replace the treatment prescribed by a medical specialist.

All that being said, now we want to provide you with some of the most effective tricks for bringing down your child’s fever (while you also follow your doctor’s recommendations).

Tricks for bringing down your baby’s temperature

bringing down your baby's temperature

Trick #1 – Go light on the covers

Don’t dress a fever. If you notice that your child’s temperature is on the rise, don’t cover him up. Even if he asks to be under the blankets, this is not a good idea. Nor should you dress your baby too warmly, as this can keep the fever from going down.

Trick #2 – Go for a dip

Bathe your baby in lukewarm water and wet her forehead. Allow her to play for a bit in the bathtub in order to cool off. You will soon see how this immediately lowers your little one’s temperature.

Trick #3 – Cool compresses

Use co0l wet compresses. The water should not be too cold. Apply the compresses to your child’s forehead and to the back of his neck for a few seconds and then switch out to a new cool compress. Do this continuously.

Trick #4 – Liquids, liquids, liquids

Increase your child’s liquid intake, especially water, breast milk and natural fruit juice. The best fruit juices are melon, orange, tangerine and pineapple. Avoid giving your child dairy if she child is also suffering from a cough.

Trick #5 – Reach for some aloe

touching your baby's forehead

Find an aloe leaf and peal it so that the clear gel inside is exposed. Apply the leaf to your little one’s forehead and leave it there for a little while. 

After a few minutes, remove the leaf and scrape off the gel that has dried from the fever. Once you have exposed another layer of fresh gel, place the leaf once again on your child’s forehead to keep him cool. Before placing the leaf on your child, be sure to remove the sharp pointy edges.

Trick #6 – Sweat it off

Get your child to exercise. No, we’re not talking about heading to the gym, doing sit ups or bench presses or anything like that. However, when your children has a fever, if he’s up to it, you can chase after a ball together. You can also turn some music up and dance and jump to the beat of your little one’s favorite song.

You’ll be surprised to discover how physical activity  helps your baby sweat off his fever.

Trick #7 – Apple cider vinegar

Combine 5 parts water with one part apple cider vinegar. Apply the solution to your child’s forehead and the back of her neck using a wash cloth. Repeat with fresh solution when the compresses become warm.

Trick #8 – Potatoes and onions

Cut an onion in strips and place the pieces on the sole of your child’s feet, under his socks. After half an hour, replace the onions with new fresh onions. If your child is also suffering from a cough, you can place a halved onion in his bedroom during the night to alleviate the coughing. The onion should be thrown away in the morning.

If the smell of onion is too strong for your child, you can use this same sock method with potatoes. They are also effective.

Trick #9 – Tea time!

Give your child an infusion of thyme and chamomile. Boil water in a pot and then add these medicinal plants to the boiling water. You can use crushed leaves or plant stems.

Allow the plants to boil for several seconds. Then, remove the water from the heat and allow it to cool down. Strain. Before giving the liquid to your child (1/2 cup), add a spoon full of honey and 10 drops of lemon. 

If your child is under 2 years of age, check with your family pediatrician before giving this mixture to your little one. You want to be sure that your child is ready to ingest these ingredients before administering them.

Trick #10 – Skin to skin

Put your baby’s skin in contact with your own by lying your undressed child on your bare chest. Amazingly enough, this skin to skin contact will help regulate your baby’s temperature. You can also do this while babywearing. Your child will be more than happy to receive the extra snuggles.

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