Daily Hair Washing: Learn About the Benefits

Daily hair washing is a subject that elicits a variety of opinions. In this article, you'll find a number of recommendations that will make your decision easier.
Daily Hair Washing: Learn About the Benefits

Last update: 07 December, 2018

Many women wonder if daily hair washing is a good idea or not. Some experts claim that you should wash your hair every day, while others suggest doing so every few days.

In this article, we’ll look at some factors that will help you decide whether daily hair washing is good for you.

Daily hair washing: is it healthy?

Yes, washing your hair every day has its benefits. However, it depends on the type of hair you have. In other words, it’s a matter of determining whether it’s the right thing for you or not.

Generally speaking, oily hair needs to be washed frequently. In some people, the sebaceous glands produce a lot of oil in the scalp. This is the result of genetic factors.

Conversely, if you have dry hair, it will stay cleaner for longer. Moreover, you should avoid the daily use of chemical products like shampoos, conditioners or hydrating masks if you have this kind of hair.

Should you use shampoo every day?

It’s best to use a small amount of shampoo and conditioner, to avoid the excessive accumulation of chemical compounds on the scalp. Some of these products can cause irritation and damage hair with frequent use.

It’s best to use a mild or neutral shampoo for daily hair washing. Your local pharmacy will have several brands to choose from. Hydrating products or masks should be used no more than once every 10 days.

Daily Hair Washing: Learn About the Benefits

Meanwhile, when washing your hair every day, it’s best to opt for shampoos and conditioners made from natural ingredients.

For oily hair, these include cayenne and aloe vera. For dry hair, you can use coconut oil, argan oil, and almond oil, among other products.

When to use dry shampoo

If you decide not to wash your hair every day, you can use dry shampoo in an emergency – in other words, if you need to have your hair freshly washed, clean, and shiny. You shouldn’t apply it every day, because it’s best to wash it out with water and shampoo.

“Oily hair needs to be washed frequently. In some people, the sebaceous glands produce a lot of oil in the scalp.”

Hair loss upon washing

When you wash your hair, it’s normal to experience some hair loss. To the surprise of many, people lose about 100 strands of hair every day. Therefore, when you rub your scalp, they’ll come off easily. When in your hands, they’ll contrast with the foam of the shampoo.

This can make it appear as though a lot of hair is being lost during the hair washing session. For this reason, some women are fearful of washing their hair frequently.

However, the same hair will fall off even if it isn’t washed every day. This damaged or dead hair will fall off when touched or brushed.

Can daily hair washing fight baldness?

According to dermatology experts at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, the first step in treating baldness is to wash your hair every day.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sergio Vañó, the coordinator of the Trichology Unity and the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, maintains that frequent shampoo use doesn’t increase pattern hair loss.

This is because it doesn’t penetrate to the inside of the hair root. This is where androgens affect the hair follicles sensitive to this hormone.

Daily Hair Washing: Learn About the Benefits

Benefits of daily hair washing

Experts in the field agree that daily hair washing is a healthy habit. This is because it removes dirt, secretions, and skin peeling off the scalp. Likewise, it keeps the hair free of dust, odors, hair gel, and residues from the environment that the hair absorbs easily.

Meanwhile, washing your hair every day allows for the eradication of the residues of moisturizing products that accumulate at the root.

This prevents further applications from being effectively absorbed. By keeping your hair clean, it will maintain a healthy appearance and natural shine.

In short, washing your hair every day is a good idea if your hair type warrants it. If this is the case, you can have a healthy and beautiful head of hair by following these suggestions.

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