What Does Dreaming That Your Teeth Fall Out Mean?

Your brain controls what your mind does, and it can make you dream a variety of different things. However, what about dreaming that your teeth fall out? Psychology provides us with several interpretations of this type of dream.
What Does Dreaming That Your Teeth Fall Out Mean?

Last update: 23 December, 2018

It’s normal for our brains to make us dream while we’re sleeping. Our dreams are often linked to the activities we carried out during the day. Dreaming that your teeth fall out is one of the most common dreams to have. Here we’ll explain a few of its possible interpretations.

Teeth are stable, strong and durable parts of the human body. Therefore, dreaming that your fall out is related to feelings of insecurity, fear of change, guilt for making bad decisions, fragility and personal dissatisfaction. If you’re concerned about not feeling strong, it can be reflected in your dreams.

It could be that you don’t feel comfortable being yourself in front of others, that you’re afraid to make a fool of yourself on a special occasion or that you feel vulnerable.

It’s also possible that you’ve been made fun of for messing up something that you’ve always done well. Interpreting dreams in which your teeth fall out varies depending on specific details.

Important details when dreaming that your teeth fall out

As we’ve already mentioned, the interpretation will have a lot to do with what happens in our dream – or at least what we remembered of it. Some of the essential details that stand out include the type of tooth, the location, the color, and the quantity.

Dreaming that your upper-front teeth fall out

If you dream that these teeth fall out, it may indicate that even the strongest aspects of your personal life can come undone, or that there is something that you’re worrying about unconsciously which doesn’t allow you to feel strong.

For the time being, you feel fragile and insecure. You also worry about your self-esteem, body image or have stronger desires to take care of your physical appearance more.

What Does Dreaming That Your Teeth Fall Out Mean?

Dreaming that your lower-front teeth fall out

Some of the negative interpretations of this dream include the fear of having personal losses, anxiety for sexual experiences, commitments or difficult lifestyle changes, and the fear of aging.

However, it can also have positive meanings, such as the desire for personal expansion as well as the need to take care of yourself better, time for self-renewal and personal growth.

Dreaming that you lose a fang

Our fangs are the strongest and most aggressive of all of our teeth. They represent personal strength; they’re the ones used by animals to tear at their prey. Therefore, losing them may mean that you feel afraid, unprotected, weak or vulnerable.

On the other hand, this dream indicates instability, a lack of balance, weakness, and problems trusting yourself or others. In addition, it reflects guilt or anxiety about not fulfilling a promise, emotional pain, and fear of loss.

Dreaming that your teeth fall apart

This particular nightmare causes a lot of despair and anxiety. It could indicate that you feel very nervous about a situation in your life that you need to improve on. It’s also related to feelings of impotence.

Think about what’s falling apart in your life right now. This way, you can fix the situation before it gets out of hand.

Dreaming that your teeth fall out is related to having feelings of insecurity, fear of change, guilt for making bad decisions, fragility and personal dissatisfaction

Dreaming that your teeth move around easily

This kind of dream is related to a lack of self-confidence. Feeling that your teeth move around a lot and quickly fall out indicates that you feel weak and vulnerable in a troubling situation.

Dreaming that your teeth change color or decay

If your teeth appear darker in the dream, it could be a sign that your body feels fatigued. Maybe you think that you have too much work to do or that you aren’t being paid what you deserve.

The appearance of tooth decay represents disturbing situations or the fear of getting caught for doing something. On the other hand, if they appear white, strong and aligned, it means that you feel surrounded by good friends and family.

What Does Dreaming That Your Teeth Fall Out Mean?

Dreaming that someone else’s teeth fall out

Instead of dreaming that your teeth fall out, you can also dream that someone else loses their teeth. This type of dream could represent your concern for another person who isn’t making good life choices or someone who is going to be affected by negative consequences.

In brief, our brain expresses our daily concerns or internal struggles that we often don’t perceive directly. Dreaming that your teeth fall out can indicate that there are things in your life that you need to improve on. Therefore, use this information to analyze yourself and determine the best way to regain control.

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