Exercising With Your Baby's Stroller

Exercising with your baby's stroller is possible. This way, you exercise and share time with your baby at the same time.
Exercising With Your Baby's Stroller

Last update: 13 December, 2021

It’s likely that at some point, exercising with your baby’s stroller has crossed your mind. This initiative arises for two main reasons: The need to regain your physical condition after pregnancy and the desire to share time outdoors with your baby.

Taking care of your little one and being able to train physically can be unlikely or unusual. However, there’s the possibility of exercising with your baby’s stroller while you share moments with your little one. We’ll teach you to be able to do both.

Exercising after pregnancy

After the gestation process, it’s advisable to resume exercise to help the body recover physically and psychologically. However, this recommendation refers to low or moderate-intensity physical activity. This is due to the conditions in which the body remains after delivery, as weakness and discouragement are common factors in most postpartum women.

With that in mind, we recommend that you plan and execute routines that involve very little physical effort in order to start as soon as possible. Of course, remember that you must have the endorsement of your specialist doctor in order to avoid any health problem.

A woman jogging with her daughter in a stroller.

Take advantage of outings with the baby’s stroller

The most recommended exercise during this postpartum stage is walking, as this activity can be easily controlled. Especially if you carry it out on comfortable and flat surfaces, such as parks or green areas.

You can implement walking routines with your baby’s car just by going out of your house for a walk. You’ll see how easy it is to take care of your little one while you control the intensity of your steps and regulate your breathing.

Shared benefits

The goal of exercising with your baby’s stroller focuses on helping the body gradually recover as well as building a healthy habit.

Another great goal is to spend time with your child. This way, you can not only take care of your little one, but pay attention to them, play with them, stimulate them, and contribute to the affective bond between the two of you.

Therefore, we can say that exercising with your baby’s stroller offers shared benefits for you and your baby. Yours revolve around your physical and psychological well-being, while those of your little one are linked to their affective and emotional well-being.

Exercising with your baby’s car: Just walks?

Low-intensity walks are the most recommended activities during the first postpartum months. However, once this period of time has passed, it’s advisable to include other types of exercises.

Next, we’ll share some movements that you can perform with your baby’s stroller.

Activation and stretching

A fundamental exercise in all types of training is physical activation. Normally, this part of the routine is carried out during the initial phase and serves to warm up the muscles and joints.

To perform the activation exercise with a stroller, we recommend implementing walks at different intensities. Start off at a gentle pace and work your way up to a jog.

Stretching is also an essential part of training and can be done with the help of your baby’s stroller. Use this accessory to support your hands and perform various stretching exercises at the end of the core phase of the routine.


Squats are a specific exercise that contributes to the muscular development of the legs and the middle of the body, some of the most affected areas during pregnancy. With the help of your baby’s stroller, you can carry them out. You just need to hold the handlebar firmly and start flexing your legs, over and over again. Of course, make sure to lock the brakes.

Remember to stand behind the car, with your legs shoulder-width apart. From that position, begin to bend your legs and try to keep your back straight throughout the performance.

Also, you can take a few steps after the squat and do it during a predetermined course. For example, 5 steps 1 squat, and so on.

Group slalom

Currently, there are groups of mothers who exercise with their babies’ strollers. In your community or in your city, there’s probably a group you can join. Why not find out?

If so, you can perform group slalom exercises, which consists of training one woman after another with their respective baby strollers, leaving a space of 1 yard between each one. In an organized fashion, you must make a circuit and carry it out with walks at different intensities.

Exercising with your baby’s stroller: What does the doctor say?

Postpartum physical activity should be endorsed by a specialist doctor.

Once the gestation process is over, the body begins to recover and is much weaker than before. Therefore, ask for the advice of a specialist and adapt the exercise to your possibilities.

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