15 Foods That Favor Intellectual Performance

The foods we eat not only benefit our body, but also our intellectual performance. In the case of school-aged children, it's very important to take care of their diet.
15 Foods That Favor Intellectual Performance

Last update: 04 December, 2018

Memory, reasoning, and attention are just some of the qualities that can be stimulated through a proper diet. This list of 15 foods that favor intellectual performance is designed for all kinds of tastes.

When it comes to eating healthy, it’s ideal to always combine several ingredients throughout the day.

In the list below, each food option offers nutrients that nourish different aspects of this complex organ known as the brain.

Foods that favor intellectual performance and improve brain function facilitate study time and also help prevent degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The stimulation and good care of the brain affects all the body’s organs. This will allow us to lead a harmonious life and enjoy emotional health.

15 foods that favor intellectual performance

1. Walnuts: The amount of omega-3 fatty acids that walnuts contain are an optimal fuel source for neurotransmitters. This nut helps prevent Alzheimer’s and develop cognitive skills as a whole.

2. Almonds: Their multiple properties offer tons of energy to the brain, stimulate the production of adrenaline, and improve moods. They’re good for people suffering from depression.

3. Cashews: This nut, also know as caju, contains high levels of magnesium. This results in the opening of blood vessels and proper irrigation to the entire body, which benefits brain functions.

4. Peanuts: Their nutrients provide great benefits to the brain, and enable an improvement in memory and communicative understanding. Because of their low cost, peanuts are one of the preferred foods that favor intellectual performance throughout the world.

5. Seeds and derivatives: Whole wheat bread, cereal, barley, oats, among other whole grain foods, offer multiple beneficial properties for brain function.

15 Foods That Favor Intellectual Performance

Chocolate, oils, and much more

6. Dark chocolate: Its antioxidant properties keep the brain young for a longer period of time. Additionally, it has stimulants such as flavonoids and caffeine, which are very good during exams or work meetings. A piece of dark chocolate can help improve your concentration in a surprising way.

7. Olive oil: It has antioxidant properties capable of eliminating toxic substances from the brain. Due to its qualities, it promotes rapid cell regeneration and prevents Alzheimer’s.

8. Coconut oil: Its anti-inflammatory power liberates the blood vessels and promotes memory functions. It also oxygenates and purifies the blood.

9. Pumpkin seeds: The presence of omega 3 and 6, in addition to vitamins A and E, and zinc, make these seeds an indisputable ally for good memory and mental agility.

10. Pumpkin: Its main components transform it into one of the great foods that favor intellectual performance. It has folic acid and vitamin B12. To take the most advantage of its benefits, you should toast or bake it.

“Stimulation and good care of the brain affects all the organs of the body. This will allow us to lead a harmonious life and enjoy emotional health.”

Vegetables and fish

11. Spinach: The potassium found in these leaves favors healthy cerebral electric flow. Moreover, its antioxidant powers allow optimal neuronal health. As for its essential nutrients, spinach possess a good amount of vitamins K and E, magnesium, and folate.

12. Tomato: Lycopene is the most notable component in tomatoes. It’s a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals that damage brain cells. This not only prevents brain diseases but also improves cognitive activities in general.

15 Foods That Favor Intellectual Performance

13. Broccoli: It’s considered one of the most powerful and complete foods that favor intellectual performance. One of its main nutrients is choline, which enhances the development of cells and brain connections. This quality makes broccoli an ideal food for pregnant women.

14. Strawberry: Because of its antioxidant-rich content and anti-inflammatory capacity, strawberries are a great ally for brain health. They’re always in season and their consumption augments the neuron capacity.

15. Salmon: It’s good to know that salmon is very beneficial for the brain given its high omega-3 content.

In short, when choosing foods, it’s essential to lean towards those who will give multiple benefits to the body. Careful nutrition can be a key factor in the prevention of irreversible degenerative diseases and other health complications.

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