How to Deal with Frustration During Motherhood

We all encounter many obstacles in life that are difficult to face. Balancing responsibilities regarding work and family life can lead many women to experience frustration during motherhood.
How to Deal with Frustration During Motherhood

Last update: 11 February, 2019

As mothers, we must face life’s inevitable obstacles in an intelligent way, without letting the stumbling blocks on the road weigh us down and distract us from our goals. Learning how to cope with frustration during motherhood is very important.

It’s true that being a mother changes our lives, and everything around us takes on new meaning. It’s a wonderful and gratifying experience, yet it can also be exhausting.

In addition to taking care of our own needs and health, as mothers we’re also responsible for another life. It’s a full-time job that involves many long nights of no sleep, followed by tired days.

And if that weren’t enough, we often have many other responsibilities as well, such as other children, a partner, housework, shopping, school, and work, among others.

In the first days of our baby’s life, we usually have help, especially when we’re first-time mothers. However, after these early days, the routine can become incredibly overwhelming. 

The emotional stress, insecurities, and pressure breed negative thoughts and extreme tiredness, which can make it feel impossible to do it all. This is when frustration during motherhood form a dangerous and devastating combination for any woman. 

Burnout syndrome

This syndrome occurs when a woman has been exposed to a period of prolonged, intense stress, both physically and mentally. 

How to Deal with Frustration During Motherhood

This term is most often used in the job market, and occurs in professionals who work in high-stress environments. It also occurs in mothers, since they experience similar stressful situations at home.

The symptoms include bodily changes caused by chronic stress, such as:

  • Muscle pain and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Insomnia and fatigue.
  • Isolation from your environment and problems with your partner.
  • Feelings of solitude and frustration.
  • Anxiety and listlessness.

You might be overwhelmed at home or at work, by some very busy days or exhausting nights when you aren’t able to rest. Personal hygiene, food, and sleep are set aside to be able to take care of everything and keep up with your responsibilities.

Being an exemplary mother in the eyes of society will exhaust anyone who aspires to it. These women expose themselves to an endless list of feelings that can be difficult to cope with.

When we’re wrapped up in extenuating circumstances, it’s important to reconsider and give ourselves a moment to breathe. We must always keep our own health and well-being in mind.

If we allow ourselves to be taken over by depression and stress, we cannot be the mothers we hope to be. On the contrary, all those tasks that we want to complete become even more difficult. 

“The combination of frustration and motherhood only has a place in your life if you let it.”

Tips for beating burnout syndrome

Accept help

Being isolated and letting yourself be consumed in solitude by the problems that weigh you down is a terrible idea. To start travelling the road of motherhood, it’s vital to let your family and friends help you.

Forming relationships with other mothers who are experiencing the same situations is helpful. You can help one another face the challenges ahead of you.

Organize your time and focus on your priorities

Plan out your activities and give priority to the most important ones. Always leave yourself time to relax and enjoy time with your baby.

Take time for yourself

Having time alone, to think, walk, and breathe, is incredibly necessary. You can take a moment to relax your body and connect with nature on your own. This will help you reorganize your thoughts and return to your day with more energy. 

To enjoy this moment of personal relaxation, you’ll need the support of other people who can take care of the baby during that period of time.

How to Deal with Frustration During Motherhood

Managing frustration during motherhood

We get frustrated when things don’t turn out as planned. That, in most cases, can be attributed to external forces that we can’t control. 

In this situation, we have two possible solutions: either solve the cause of the frustration, or give in.

To manage frustration during motherhood, we can follow a series of strategies that will help prevent us from becoming overwhelmed. 

These include:

  • Talking and connecting with other people. Sharing your problems with others can help you find solutions you might not see on your own.
  • Keeping your mind open and learning. Human beings are capable of learning from our failures. Wisdom comes from finding our faults and repairing them. 
  • Accepting the results, no matter how difficult they are. If you’ve already tried everything and it still isn’t working, it’s time to look at things from another perspective.
  • Practicing deep breathing helps you relax your body and mind. That way you’ll be able to visualize possible solutions to your problems easily.

Frustration during motherhood will only have a place in your life if you let it. Overcoming moments of stress and exhaustion intelligently and in the company of your support network will make all the difference.

Enjoy motherhood to the fullest. Remember that the times you’re experiencing alongside your baby won’t be repeated. Treasure every moment with energy and joy. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.