How to Treat External Hemorrhoids

Thousands of people suffer from hemorrhoids. These can be caused by chronic constipation, pregnancy, or because of lifting a very heavy object. How do you treat external hemorrhoids? Keep reading to find out the best method for you.
How to Treat External Hemorrhoids

Last update: 23 July, 2019

Hemorrhoids are very common and affect thousands of people around the world. Hemorrhoids happen when the veins around the anus or rectum become inflamed. Besides being annoying, they can be painful as well. It’s important to be aware of the causes and how to treat external hemorrhoids in order to deal with this uncomfortable condition.

This condition knows no sex or age; whoever has it can suffer a lot. The pain it produces reaches the anus, the waist, the hips, and the buttocks. Of course, this depends on the type of hemorrhoids present. Hemorrhoids can be internal, in the rectum, or external, on the anus.

How to Treat External Hemorrhoids

What causes external hemorrhoids?

Usually, hemorrhoids happen because of pressure in the anus or rectum. Many women suffer these during pregnancy, because of the baby’s weight and pressure on the uterus, or lifting or carrying heavy objects during pregnancy.

If you’re suffering from chronic constipation and push too hard when evacuating, this can also cause them.

Among other possible causes of hemorrhoids, it can also happen if you’re seated for long periods of time, especially in a hot environment. Infections in the anus can also make them appear.

How to treat external hemorrhoids?

There are many natural remedies and pieces of advice to avoid these annoying veins from appearing. These options can have side effects or contraindications. As always, before any treatment, consult with a specialist first.

Here are some options to help you treat external hemorrhoids.

Drinking a lot of water and eating enough fiber

Getting enough fiber can help you during evacuation. A great choice is a soluble fiber, you can add it to your meals and drinks during treatment.

Bear in mind that, when you start consuming more fiber, you should drink at least two liters of water every day.

Sitz baths

Taking sitz baths will make you feel relieved as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Likewise, some medicinal plants, like chamomile or lavender, could help you recover faster. Sitz baths can last from 15 to 20 minutes per session, and do it as often as you need to.

Using ointments

Treating external hemorrhoids with ointments can help you reduce them and relieve your pain. There are many brands you could use, but talk with a specialist first, so you can choose the best for your case.

Usually, this type of medicine are antibiotics, such as neomycin and bacitracin. These are great in treating skin wounds and mucosa.

Other ointments are anesthetics and astringents, which can be used to treat external hemorrhoids and can help reduce pain and inflammation. They can contract blood vessels and stop the bleeding.

On the other hand, corticosteroids can do many things. Besides having analgesic properties, they can control inflammation, ardor, and itchiness. Ask your doctor which of these can help you.

Woman using toilet paper.

Other types of care

There are other basic care methods to use if you have external hemorrhoids.

  • Wash the anal or rectal region with plenty of warm water and soap after each evacuation. Don’t use toilet paper, at all. This way you’ll avoid lesions and possible infections.
  • Try not to eat spicy food. This can irritate your intestines and make your hemorrhoids become inflamed.

“Using ointments to treat external hemorrhoids will help you reduce them and relieve your pain.”

  • Don’t make a strong physical effort by lifting and carrying heavy things.
  • Use a special pad. This has a circular shape, with a hole in the center, that gives you more comfort when sitting down.

On the other hand, having a good posture to evacuate can also help you to improve and prevent this uncomfortable condition. To help lower pressure in the anal or rectal region, place a little stool in front of your toilet and place your feet on it, so your knees are above your thighs.

In short, better safe than sorry. However, if you have to inevitably deal with external hemorrhoids, there are many options and safe habits to choose from to overcome this difficulty in the shortest amount of time.

Even though external hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable and can make you feel desperate to get rid of them, try to not get anxious and to keep calm.

Remain calm, go see your doctor, talk to him about the natural options you read in here, and follow his lead. With this, you’ll probably get better soon.


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