Reflexology for Babies and Children

With this massage technique, you can strengthen your bond with your child in just a few minutes a day. What's more, it will help reduce any pain and improve your little one's immune system.
Reflexology for Babies and Children

Last update: 07 December, 2018

When it comes to caring for the health and wellbeing of our children, natural solutions are always best. Many natural remedies and techniques are free of negative side effects. Such is the case with reflexology for babies and children. Today we’ll tell you more about this amazing massage technique.

Areas to work on with reflexology for babies and children

Children’s feet are very different from that of adults. As they grow, more reflex points appear. Therefore, the areas in which their feet are divided for massage are much less.

In the case of very small babies, their feet contain six different regions to which we can apply therapy. According to the problem your child is having, you apply pressure and massage in a circular fashion to the corresponding area.

Reflexology for Babies and Children

The central part of your child’s toes corresponds to the paranasal sinuses. Massaging this area is ideal for calming cases of sinusitis in babies. Furthermore, the point connects to your child’s head and teeth. This offers parents a solution for pain caused by teething.

Moving down the foot, the padding on your baby’s foot just below the toes also has a purpose in reflexology. Massaging this area will relieve chest discomfort. What’s more, the center point of this region is connected to the solar plexus.

For discomfort in the abdomen, you can rub the middle of your child’s foot. If you massage the center point, you’ll connect with your little one’s stomach.

From the middle downwards, you’ll reach the lower area of your child’s belly. Massaging the region can help fight constipation, heartburn and indigestion.

The benefits of reflexology

Reflexology for babies and children offers multiple benefits. This technique is different from traditional massage.

It’s based on specific pressure points on our feet, hands and face that have an effect on other parts and organs of the body. The purpose of reflexology massage is to relieve pain and discomfort in those areas.

Practicing reflexology on your children can improve their respiratory, digestive and immune systems. You just need to massage the corresponding areas. In the same way, we can eliminate the stress and tension caused by illness.

We recommend applying reflexology techniques at least three times a week. Even when your child isn’t experiencing any pain or discomfort, he or she will still reap the benefits.

Reflexology for babies and children boosts their defenses and helps to avoid illnesses in the future.

“With the implementation of reflexology, you can increase physical contact between parents and children. And in doing so, strengthen your emotional bond.”

How to apply reflexology

To apply reflexology, you should first choose an area of your home that is comfortable, calm and well lit. 

In other words, you need to provide a pleasant environment for your little one. You can also play some relaxing music in the background.

Start with your baby’s toes, using delicate rotating movements. The purpose is to massage the entire area and then work your way down, finishing with your little one’s heel .

Reflexology for Babies and Children

If your child is experiencing discomfort, give special attention to the corresponding area once you reach it. Massage the area slowly and delicately. 

Then, to finish off, apply pressure to the solar plexus point. This point is right in the center of the padding on your baby’s foot, below his or her middle toe. These massages should last a maximum of 15 minutes.

There are many physical and mental benefits that you can offer your child with just a few minutes of reflexology massage per day.

The advantages are even more noticeable in babies and smaller children. That’s because they’re more receptive to this sort of stimulation.

Without a doubt, reflexology is a magnificent option for improving quality of life. This is true not only for children and babies, but for adults as well. Give it a try!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.