Tips for Talking About Menstruation With Your Daughter

Tips for Talking About Menstruation With Your Daughter

Last update: 11 September, 2018

Talking about menstruation with your daughters doesn’t have to be difficult. A lot of the time it is we mothers who put up the barriers and hinder communication with our daughters.

However, what we really need to do is be open and available. This will give us the opportunity to talk about the subject freely with our daughters.

Even though the whole topic of hormonal changes and menstruation is something quite natural, many parents still find it difficult to approach the subject correctly.

Talking about menstruation with your daughters is very important. This way they’ll be better informed and not feel embarrassed when the subject comes up in conversation. Our daughters should know that they can count on their mothers when they need to.

Every girl who is about to enter puberty should have the opportunity to talk about all the changes her body is experiencing.

There are many mothers who are happy to share these issues with their daughters. They have taken the positive step of being honest and assertive in their communication. In doing so they are reaping the benefits of good, honest communication, and strong bonds are created between them.

Talking about menstruation doesn’t mean that we should always focus on the biological aspect. It also means we must be open about expressing our discomforts, cravings, feelings, and so on.

It doesn’t have to be a stressful issue either. Mother and daughter can learn to laugh at the difficulties and enjoy the quiet moments together, maybe while watching a movie at home and eating chocolate!

Tips for talking about menstruation with your daughters

1. Get informed and get ready

When it comes to talking about puberty, reproduction and sexuality, parents need to be very well informed. To do this you could seek the advice of a professional, or consult reliable online sources. You can also prepare your daughter for the changes that lie ahead using your own experience.

Tips for Talking About Menstruation With Your Daughter

2. Let her know the positive side of the menstrual cycle

Many women see periods as something that limits them from doing things or living their life to the fullest. Make sure your daughter knows that, although there are negative symptoms, you can continue with your normal life.

Also let her know that menstruation doesn’t mean that she is ill. On the contrary, menstrual cycles are a sign that her body is functioning correctly.

3. Show her which products she can use

From sanitary towels to tampons… you need to provide your daughter with the information and resources she needs to make the right choices on her own.

Talk to her about the advantages and disadvantages of each product, and allow her to draw her own conclusions. If she asks you, then show her how each one is used in order to avoid accidents and awkward moments later on.

The menstrual cycle in women can bring discomfort and changes in their sleep pattern. During the menstrual cycle there is an increase of estrogen until ovulation, and from then on progesterone increases
–Dr. A. Ferré–

4. Avoid frightening her about your bad period experiences

You need to tell her that she’ll probably feel some stomach pain and that there will be certain changes in her body, but it’s important to always take a positive approach. As symptoms develop, give her ways of dealing with them in a healthy way. If you speak to her in a positive way, then she’ll be able to face her monthly period with the same attitude.

5. Let the conversation flow naturally

If you try to force the issue on your daughter then you’ll be putting her under undue pressure. Try to let the conversation be pleasant, open and honest. Spontaneity is fundamental.

When talking about this subject there should be no taboo questions. Girls should know that it is a quite natural process that simply means they’re maturing physically and emotionally. Answer all your daughter’s questions, without beating around the bush.

6. Involve her father

Fathers must also learn, and take part in their daughter’s learning experience. It’s not just “women’s things”; it should involve the whole family. You have to know how to involve both sexes in the conversation.

Like women, men also experience many changes in puberty, and it’s a good idea for men to talk about their feelings too. This way, girls will feel more confident when expressing their concerns, questions, and opinions.

7. Personal hygiene during her period

Talking about menstruation also means learning about hygiene, and especially hygiene of their intimate area. Make sure you explain to your daughter how often she should change the towels or tampons, and how she should go about her personal hygiene to avoid embarrassing accidents.

Tips for Talking About Menstruation With Your Daughter

8. Teach her how to keep track of her cycle

A teenager’s first periods can be irregular. To ensure she is prepared for her menstrual cycle, teach her to take note of the dates . This is easy to do nowadays through smartphone apps. This way she’ll always have the information at her fingertips, and will also receive notifications or reminders.

So, now that you know how to talk about menstruation with your daughters, you’ll have a great opportunity to support and guide them with patience and love throughout adolescence. It will be much easier for your daughters to face puberty with the support of their family.

For parents it’s not easy to accept that their daughters are leaving childhood and approaching womanhood. But remember to see all these changes as something that is quite natural. If you look at things this way, then your daughters will learn to do the same.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.