Is It Good to Wash Children's Hair Every Day?

Is It Good to Wash Children's Hair Every Day?

Last update: 27 August, 2018

There are many myths about whether it’s good or not to wash children’s hair every day. Many people doubt whether it makes their hair grow faster or fall out. Let’s take a look at this topic below.

You should wash children’s hair depending on how active they are, their activities, and skin type. For example, an athlete, or an artist who works with paint or clay, may need a daily hair wash.

Also, some children’s sweat is stronger than others’. This can make their heads itch, or make them think they have lice. It’ll bother them a lot.

On the other hand, an infant’s age affects how frequent you should wash their hair. Babies don’t need full baths. Their skin is very delicate. Washing it too much can make it dry out or give them dermatitis.

Should You Wash Children’s Hair Every Day?

Dermatologists tend to say that you don’t need to wash children’s hair every day. They recommend washing it 3 times a week, for 3 minutes. As you wash, you should massage their scalp with warm water.

They recommend using a shampoo with a neutral pH level. This type of product prevents their skin and eyes from becoming irritated. This can prevent pain and discomfort.

Also, using conditioner is optional. Conditioner is designed to hydrate dry or damaged hair. It also helps to untangle it more easily.

Once they’re 12, children should wash their hair more often. This is because they’re entering puberty. Here, hormones become more prominent. They sweat more than usual and, therefore, smell worse and look dirtier.

Happy Hour: Bath Time

Many little kids don’t like bath time. This can be caused by a few reasons:

  • Parents have left them alone in the shower since they were little.
  • They don’t like the water temperature.
  • The shampoo or soap makes them itchy or causes an allergic reaction.
Is It Good to Wash Children's Hair Every Day?

To prevent your children from being afraid of the bathroom, you need to make bath time fun. Let them take a bath with a toy, preferably waterproof.

You can also read or make up stories. There are lots of ways to have fun in the bathtub. It’s important to teach them good hygiene habits that they’ll keep as they get older.

How to Keep Children’s Hair Long

Starting at 6 years old, boys and girls want to choose their own appearance, including their body and clothes. One of the most important features to them is their hair. They’ll probably want a fashionable cut or hairstyle, or want to wear it long.

If they want to grow out their hair, you’ll need to take more care of it than usual. Here are some practical tips:

  • Wash it every other day.
  • Use a good kid’s shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use warm water to keep their follicles in good condition.
  • Comb it constantly, both when it’s wet and dry.
  • Trim the ends often.

“Once they are 12, children should wash their hair more often. This is because they’re entering puberty.”

Precautions for Kids’ Hair When Sleeping

If you want to keep your children’s locks looking great, use these tips for nighttime:

Don’t Sleep With Damp Hair

This is crucial. If your children washed their hair at night, you should dry it before bed.

Wet hair has bacteria on it from their towel. Their pillow absorbs them and can cause infections. Also, they can feel itchy, or develop dryness and dandruff.

Pigtails or Braids

When their hair is wet, don’t put it in pig tails or braids. It could weaken and break.

Is It Good to Wash Children's Hair Every Day?

Follow a Balanced Diet

It’s important to feed your children a balanced diet so their hair grows properly. For this to happen, they need certain hair-strengthening foods. This includes eggs, cheese and yogurt, wholegrain bread, sardines, avocados, bananas, tomatoes, and nuts.

All of these recommendations will help your children have a healthy scalp.  Their hair will be clean, strong, and long.

Also, remember to buy good quality products. They need to be hydrating and made especially for children’s delicate hair. Finally, check if you absolutely need to wash it every day. Only do so if it’s completely necessary.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.