The Importance of Teaching Sex Education to Children

One of the risks that children face is that of sexual abuse. It's important to teach your children to protect themselves from dangerous situations.
The Importance of Teaching Sex Education to Children

Last update: 31 March, 2018

In this article we’ll talk about the importance of teaching sex education to our children.
In general, all parents worry about their children’s mental, physical and emotional health. They are intentional about teaching their kids how to avoid problems in life.
Among one of the most important things we need to teach our children has to do with their sexuality. Our children need to understand that: “No one can touch my body.”

Why is sex education so important when it comes to our children?

Nowadays, sex education has become one of the most fundamental things we need to teach our little ones in the home.

Some of the basic topics we should discuss with our children include:

  • The creation of human life.
  • Human development and hormonal changes.
  • Methods of birth control.
  • Reproduction.

Sex education has no established time limit. 

While many advise against waiting until children have already begun to explore their own sexuality, sex education should take place in the most opportune way, at the right time.

The urgency behind informing your child about these issues goes far beyond preparing your child for the distant future.

Sex education is a vital part of preventing possible sexual abuse that your children could be exposed to. 

Of course, every parent’s wish is for their children to grow up happy and healthy.

But we must also take measures to make sure our children learn limits regarding their bodies in order to protect themselves against abuse.

Children need to learn that no one can touch their bodies. Parents must teach their children to differentiate between different types of touches and approaches, and what is and isn’t allowed.

The Importance of Teaching Sex Education to Children

How to teach a child to say: “No one can touch my body”

When it comes to talking to children about sexuality, it’s important to be extremely clear about the seriousness and danger of sexual abuse.

The more your child understands this, the less likely he is to become a victim.

It’s also necessary to teach your children that if they ever find themselves in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should tell a trusted adult immediately.

The best way to help your children detect a possible threat is to teach them the following concepts:

The private and intimate parts of their bodies

It’s extremely important that your children understand that no one else should touch or see their private partsIf anyone violates this limit, your child should let a trusted adult know right away.

Your children should be able to name and identify the following body parts, and know that they’re off limits to others.:

  • Reproductive organs (penis or vagina)
  • Buttox
  • Groin area
  • Chest
  • Lips

In the same way, you should make clear to your children that they should never touch these parts of another person’s body either.

In other words, they should understand the concept of personal privacy.

No one can touch my body

Children must learn at a young age that their bodies are their own and no one else’s. For that reason, no one else has the right to touch them, even with cheap promises of love and affection.

Your child needs to know that this rule applies to anyone – whether it’s someone they know or a stranger.

Adults don’t ask children for help, especially strangers

Every parent must take the time to teach their children that strangers should never approach them, under any circumstance. 

They should never trust a stranger that asks them for help, no matter where they are or what’s going on.

It’s absolutely crucial that children know that the only response to these requests is a flat-out no. 

The adult may seem like a good and friendly person, but children must still be on guard.

The key concept is that adults – especially strangers – never ask children for help.

The Importance of Teaching Sex Education to Children

So, who can I trust?

Given that children possess an extremely amazing imagination, it’s important to speak to them clearly and directly.

Another helpful idea is to make a list of the most trusted adults. This will help your children avoid placing their trust in the wrong hands.

Be sure to talk to your child about doctor’s visits as well. There may be times when a medical professional will need to look at or touch a body part mentioned on the list above.

However, your little ones need to know that this can never happen without your permission and supervision.

Encourage communication

A final key to abuse prevention is to maintain open communication with your children throughout their entire childhood and adolescence. This is an extremely important point that should not be left out.

Children need to feel free to share what’s going on in their lives, without keeping secrets from the people who care for them.

This is also true when it comes to those situations and people that make them feel uncomfortable.

Your children need to know they can talk to you about anything, and that you’ll take what they say seriously .

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