Life With Your Partner After Having a Child

Life With Your Partner After Having a Child

Last update: 16 December, 2017

There are “before and after” periods with regard to the wonderful event of becoming a parent. After bringing a child into the world, life as a couple is no longer the same. Life with your partner inevitably changes, and often unexpectedly: y our routine, priorities and dates are drastically modified.

You leave behind what used to be your hobbies and pastimes. You welcome, without further ado, activities and entertainment previously un-imagined. You redefine the concept of fun, and you both stop thinking primarily about yourselves in order to focus on the new being that is part of your family.

In this article, we’ll tell you how the life of a couple changes after having a baby. We’re sure you will relate to this information 100%. No one says that we win or lose because we’ve become mothers, nor that each day becomes better or worse. There is only one reality: everything changes and is colored by life itself. 

The life of a childless couple

Life as a childless couple was, at the very least, different. Then, your time was completely and utterly yours. You could do things on a whim and according to your preferences. Nothing was urgent and you could dedicate yourself exclusively to you and your partner.

life with your partner before and after having children

You could go dancing, go to the movies, stop for coffee or visit relatives. You could do these things together or separately. It did not matter. The idea was to enjoy the slow run of time, which was simply yours.

You lived with the peace of mind that, if you didn’t feel like it, you didn’t have to leave the house. Everything could be postponed. Whether planned or improvized, anything was worth paying homage to your spouse or even to yourself. You did not deprive yourself of anything and pampered yourself daily.

Life as a couple with children

With the arrival of your first child, you witness a change in your life. You appreciate the way you completely lost control of what used to be your time. Your priority is now absolutely on your child.

As parents, everything depends on the child’s needs. You evaluate the weather to make plans. You consider his health or his mood for even the smallest decisions. Your goal is to always give him an experience he enjoys.

The comfort of each place to visit has to be a central, defining consideration. All destinations must be suitable and meet your child’s need for security.

You seek to entertain him with various games in different parks and gardens, performing activities to display all their cognitive and physical potential. Your goal is always to keep the light of his beautiful smile burning. 

Your favorite place in the world turns out to be the place that makes your little one feel happy and where, with pride, you watch him grow.

The life of a couple changes by necessity

Returning home is also different. Before, when you got tired after work, you could just take off your shoes, lie on the couch and be comfortable and quiet. You could drink a hot coffee while watching a TV series or movie until you fell asleep, as was your plan for many nights.

life with your partner and children

However, today you go out to your child’s school after work. Cake, ice cream or any sweet are the pampering items that can derail your tightly scheduled daily routine. All your fatigue must be supplanted by the fervent desire to feel the joy of that innocent and pure gift life offered you.

Weekends have another rhythm

Weekends and holidays are no longer the same. Now, it’s about visiting parks and squares, of running cross-country after the little one, going up and down the ramp that so captures his attention. You dance to any musical rhythm wherever you are.

You sing children‘s songs, enjoy children’s movies, get tired by telling children’s stories and playing games. You enjoy children’s parties full of clowns, magicians, colors and piñatas.

When you have a child, you start to live each day with a new perspective. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even birthdays acquire another nuance. You also discover the existence and value of Family Day.

A thousand watches cannot mark the hours like he does. Every minute counts, every second drains between our fingers. A quick bath is a three-way water revolution. And there you are, in the middle of the war of parents – when you really only asked for peace – wet from head to toe, with abdominal pain from truly dying of laughter.

life with your partner and your child

You and your partner are no longer the same

Certainly, with the arrival of your child, you are no longer the same. You have changed, matured, grown and learned.

You understand the strength of the purest and noblest love that ignites your engine, just by seeing the face of your little one. You understand everything perfectly: there is no better investment of time. You loved your past life, but you also love this new stage.

You open your current life to this family of three (and in the future, probably more). Nothing in this world compares with the happiness you feel today. You choose to be a mother and wife every day of your life.

They say a child changes the life of a couple. It’s true: today you and your partner are united and empathetic, linked by this little love.

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