My Grandma, the Most Beautiful Star in the Sky

My Grandma, the Most Beautiful Star in the Sky

Last update: 29 September, 2017

My grandma was the best gift you could’ve given me, mom and dad… the most precious treasure of my childhood that I still hold dear in my heart. And although I miss her everyday, I feel that she is with me each day with her legacies and lessons.

Her inheritance has been so immense in my being that I feel her present at every moment. Every night when I miss her, I simply look at the sky. Because I know very well where to find that tender light that illuminates my steps.

Today I look at the sky with admiration and some nostalgia. Because, between tears and sadness, I know my grandmother is now the most beautiful star in the sky, the biggest of all and the one that naturally stands out for its beauty.

It is there that I can find comfort in her absence, which hurts me so much. Right there, where I can find the answer to all my questions. I appreciate that the same energy points the way I should go. Even without her physical presence, she has become my role model and example of life to follow.

My grandmother, the most beautiful emotional mark

My grandmother is the most beautiful emotional mark that I will carry forever in my soul. I carry each of her words and advice on my skin. I also have an anecdote for each of the most beautiful moments of my life.

She is the mentor of the most beautiful and tender memories of my childhood. That sweet lady with gray hair and hands wrinkled by the force of time. The peculiar smell of sweet perfume, and the eternal love for “trinkets,” always watching over objects of decoration and bauble.

Animated picture of grandma hugging grandson

My grandmother is the emotional mark that makes me believe in myself. Her pride and admiration made me see myself as an artist, always talented. She was a collector of cartoons and drawings and a supporter of dances and things. She was a full-time, official storyteller and compulsively agreeable.

Her arms were always available to lift me. Over time, nothing really changed, because they continued to give the most healing hugs. Tissues for tears were given with a listening ear like no other, a kiss, a soft caress… a memory in love that never wants to leave.

My grandma, the star that will never die

My grandmother is a star. Although sometimes I may not see it, I know it will always be there. She will never die in my heart, for she has the gift of eternity and immortality. She may simply be invisible in order to rest.

My grandmother was a heroine with white hair during my childhood, the one who taught me about the confidentiality of our secrets and the value of a loved one’s smile. She was pure devotion and affection, overflowing with love, boundless and infinite. Simply indescribable.

Animated image of grandma with three grandchildren in her arms

Evenings full of games, songs and stories. The smell of cakes and various delicacies that topped every special snack. All the whims that were had and fulfilled. The many teachings of an emotional nature thanks to her inexhaustible wisdom and life experience.

She is still here today, illuminating my destiny, guiding my steps. From the sky. And distance doesn’t matter, since she has the gift of always being next to me, accompanying and supporting me as always. And not being able to touch her doesn’t matter, since I know I can still count on her thanks to the great legacy she left me after her departure.

Shine as only you know how to, my beautiful grandma. I will always look up hoping to see you, continuing to love you, feeling that you never physically left this world and knowing that you’re still here, because you did not manage to leave with my memories.

They say that one is not where their body is, but where they are missed the most. It is here that you are so missed. My grandma, you remain alive in this heart, which doesn’t stop loving you and crying for you. I fight every day so that your essence does not disappear. You are still with me, forever.

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