I Never Imagined My Life With You and Now I Can't Imagine It Without You

I Never Imagined My Life With You and Now I Can't Imagine It Without You

Last update: 17 February, 2018

My child, I never planned on having children. I never imagined I’d have a prince charming, a fairy tale life, or a storybook happy family.

My priorities included my own life, my job, and my career. But everything happens for a reason. Suddenly, when I least expected it, you showed up. And in this new life with you everything changed.

I must confess that I never imagined my life with you. Maybe life was just passing me by, while I was numb and indifferent. My path was simply going in another direction.

However, fate decided to bring us together. From then on, I swear that I can’t imagine my life without you.

Of course, at the time, the news was hard to take. The thought of sacrificing everything was anxiety inducing, as well as the arrival of something that you didn’t expect up until that day. Fear and anxieties invaded me.

Today I wonder what my days would be like if I didn’t have the blessing that you are. I remember back when I was single as a grey phase, without all of the light you radiate.

Perhaps I have let go of a lot, which has changed my life. However, I can assure you that nothing makes me happier than watching you grow and laugh.

My Life With You Is An Adventure

Ever since you came into my story, I have known what it is that people call love. But I was given an example of the purest and truest, unconditional and eternal affection.

I Never Imagined My Life With You and Now I Can't Imagine It Without You

From the moment you came into this world, you have brightened my days. You have redefined my concept of happiness and freedom. You have endowed me with infinite patience.

And you basically gave me the strength to keep fighting and moving forward, no matter what. All because of you and for you.

Because with you, my life has certainly become an adventure. And surely, more beautiful. I understood that I have so much to learn, and that there is no better teacher than my own child.

I didn’t choose this, but today I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

I understood that motherhood gives me the chance to give life, and to build bridges.

Without knowing it, I became an artisan who crafts life. And I became an artist, who is proud of my greatest masterpiece: My little sunshine! I realized what my priorities are in life and that I can afford to go back to childhood.

That’s how I realized that the time is now. It is not enough to look towards the future, but I have to live in and enjoy the present, as well as looking out for tomorrow.

Life is short, and I just want to fill my story with beautiful moments with you by my side.

I Don’t Want A Life Without You

I Never Imagined My Life With You and Now I Can't Imagine It Without You

My life with you is my greatest treasure, it’s worth more than all the gold in the world. There are a number of reasons why I could never imagine a life without you.

I wouldn’t know how to explain what your presence means to me in my day-to-day life.

Freshness, joy, innocence and love are the ingredients in the recipe for happiness. And somehow you are the one who genuinely possesses all of those gifts.

One look at you, at your pretty smile, and I don’t need anything else.

A good morning kiss, a hug in the afternoon and that sweet “Mommy, I love you,” make me fall a little more in love every minute.

Your silliness and playfulness are my favorite pastime. Taking care of you and protecting you have become my greatest passion.

My child, this woman who had never imagined a life with you, today wants you to know that she can now never imagine it without you.

You are magic, and you have become my driving force. You are the strength that pushes me to keep going, the reason why I live every day to the fullest.

Thank you my love for having come into my life!


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