7 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Childbirth and Enjoying Your Pregnancy

It's common for women to feel fear and anxiety as their due date approaches. Here are some tips to help you feel more prepared and at ease during this incredibly special moment.
7 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Childbirth and Enjoying Your Pregnancy

Last update: 03 December, 2018

The day of delivery is fast approaching and you couldn’t be more excited. However, fear and even uncertainty may also arise. Here are some helpful tips to overcome the fear of childbirth and prepare yourself for one of the most important moments of your life.

Tips to overcome the fear of childbirth

By taking these suggestions into account, you can overcome the doubts, fears and anxiety of not knowing how the whole birth process will happen.

1. Speak and externalize your fears

Faced with the fear of giving birth, it’s good to express your feelings of fear and anxiety. Above all, do it with a trusted person such as your partner or a close relative or midwife. They can understand your situation and give you all the help possible.

Fear of the unknown is normal, especially when doing anything for the first time.

However, is this fear so intense that it causes anxiety and interferes with your daily activities? To the point of causing muscle tension, palpitations, excessive sweating and other physiological responses?

If this is the case, it’s necessary to consult with your doctor. He may refer you to a specialist for more specific help.

2. Knowledge creates trust

Experts recommend going with your partner to the maternity facilities where your baby will be born. There, you can see the delivery room, the emergency room and the pediatric ward.

Also, you can inform yourself properly about what happens during delivery so that you don’t have preconceived or erroneous ideas that may cause you anguish.

In addition, you can meet the staff and gain confidence. This causes the fear to diminish.

7 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Childbirth and Enjoying Your Pregnancy

3. Physical and mental preparation

Physical preparation is vital for giving birth. This includes exercising your leg muscles and glutes.

To have a good mental disposition, you have to recognize that every woman is innately trained for the birthing process, because this is a natural process that pregnant women must experience.

4. Childbirth preparation courses

Preparing in advance is one of the main tips to overcome the fear of childbirth.

These courses provide useful information so that you can have confidence in yourself. Above all, you’ll learn to relax and breathe properly during childbirth.

These classes offer you various relaxation techniques, which help to minimize anxiety. Therefore, you can control negative emotions, fear and pain.

5. The emotional and physical support of your partner

The father plays a fundamental role in pregnancy. That’s why he should be involved in everything related to the birth of his child.

Tell him how you feel, because sharing your doubts and fears with him helps you both to see the matter from another perspective.

Regarding the fear of childbirth, it’s good to express your feelings of fear and anxiety. Trusted people can understand your situation and give you all the help you could possibly need.

6. Make a birth plan

You can plan ahead with the midwife or gynecologist. In these moments, you’ll decide how you want the delivery to take place, who will be with you at that moment, and other specific details.

Although the most important person is your partner, in some cases another companion may be better suited. This person ensures that your requirements are met.

7. Share your experience with other mothers

Sharing your fears, doubts and concerns with other mothers who are in your same situation can help.

Knowing that you aren’t the only woman who goes through this stage in life can greatly calm your nerves.

Questions that arise during pregnancy

From the first moment that you know you’re pregnant, many concerns arise in relation to childbirth. Some of the most common questions are:

Can I bear the pain of childbirth?

Yes, you can, because pain is a subjective perception. That is, each woman has a different notion of pain. Some experience the moment of childbirth almost without perceiving it, and others feel a lot of pain.

However, the techniques that are tested during the course of delivery usually mitigate the discomfort. In particular, you can request epidural anesthesia to eliminate pain.

7 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Childbirth and Enjoying Your Pregnancy

Is the episiotomy very painful?

It doesn’t hurt because this incision is made in the perineum to avoid tearing the vagina and is done only under local anesthesia if necessary. It’s performed before the baby’s head crowns.

Will I forget how to do the breathing techniques?

Some women forget them, but you’ll always have a specialist or a midwife by your side who gives you all the necessary support. The purpose of these breathing techniques is to ensure that the baby receives oxygen and is relaxed on the way out.

With these tips to overcome the fear of childbirth, you’ll undoubtedly be ready for the birth of your future child. It’s an unforgettable and unique moment, so enjoy it like you deserve!


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