7 of the Best Degrees in Arts to Choose From

Does your child know what they want to study at university? Maybe they'll be interested in one of these degrees in the arts?
7 of the Best Degrees in Arts to Choose From
Ana Couñago

Written and verified by the psychologist Ana Couñago.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Who do you want to be when you grow up? What career interests you the most? What do you want to do for a living? You’ve probably already asked your child these questions. Likewise, deciding what to study is difficult. Maybe they’d like to study for an art degree. If they do, this article will be extra helpful. Here, we’ll discuss the seven best degrees in arts to choose from.

Choosing an artistic degree is as valid as any other educational option. It’ll have amazing benefits in the adult world. Studying arts is much more than just receiving a Bachelor in Arts degree. Certainly, there are many university degrees to choose from.

Performing Arts Students studying one of the degrees in Arts.

Seven best degrees in arts to choose from

A degree in fine arts

A degree in fine arts teaches through the creation and analysis of visual and plastic arts. Above all, students will learn about artistic and cultural subjects. Using practical and theoretical points of view. In addition, they’ll absorb plenty of knowledge through comprehensive education.

A degree in performing arts

A degree in performing arts will give students a start in the acting world. Certainly, that’ll encourage their versatility. Students need different abilities and skills to work in the following fields:

  • Acting
  • Screenwriting
  • Playwright
  • Set designer
  • Stage director

This degree will help students represent ideas, values, or concepts. Using different media, students have the ability to get people’s attention. After that, understanding the different values that influence the audience.

Student painting.

A degree in the history of art

A degree in art history studies human evolution through the arts. Learning the relationship between artistic expression and societies, cultures, and politics.

A degree in interior design

A degree that trains professionals to reform, decorate, and rehabilitate areas, such as:

  • Commercial areas
  • Cultural spaces
  • Homes
  • Furniture

Students will gain abilities to analyze, plan, design, and adapt any space to any client.

A degree in fashion design

A degree in fashion design will teach students:

  • Techniques for patronage and dressmaking.
  • Understanding different materials.
  • Illustration and drawing techniques.
  • Knowledge about fashion.

Students will be able to enter the world of garment design, accessories, and other complements.

A degree in audiovisual communication

Teaches creation, production, and presentation of different works in media. So, they’ll learn practical and theoretical knowledge. This will give them critical, analytical, reflexive, creative abilities.

Students of a degrees in Audiovisual Communications.

As with the degrees we discussed above, there are other careers related to arts, such as:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Musicology
  • Drama
  • Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage
  • Dance

For more information about this and to help your children make the right decision, contact universities or check their websites.

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