Advice From Moms: 10 Phrases That Will Never Go Out of Style

Although advice from moms is always similar for every situation, it's well-founded. Mom is always right and always knows what to say.
Advice From Moms: 10 Phrases That Will Never Go Out of Style

Last update: 09 March, 2022

Many times we ask ourselves “what would I be without my mother?”. From the first time your mom held you in her arms, she kept you safe, protected, and cared for. Growing up, your mother listens to you, supports you, and scolds you when necessary. Advice from moms is indispensable.

When faced with a difficult situation, we always turn to our moms. And although her advice is similar in many situations, it’s also well-founded. For this reason, we’ll name 10 pieces of advice from mom that will never go out of style.

A teenage firl leaning on her mother's shoulder and smiling.

Advice from moms builds character

You did very well, keep trying

This phrase surely came up at different times throughout your life: When you learned to read, to write, when you did something on your own. When you learn little by little to be independent, this is the phrase she’ll always say to you. She’ll be proud of you and you’ll be happy to see her satisfaction.

If someone else throws themself off a bridge, will you do the same?

Evidently, this advice in other words means “do things for yourself and not because someone else is doing it”. It helps to forge a child’s security and independence, but it’s also useful for denying some gift that your child is insisting on. You don’t have to have everything your friend has.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will

As you were growing up, your mom always encouraged you and gave you that push to keep going. At the moment when you can’t do it anymore, that’s when she trusts you more than anyone else. She not only wants you to achieve it, she wants you to repeat it. This advice should never go out of style because all mothers want the same thing.

Mom’s advice helps you to be cautious

Be strong, don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of

Many times, some people take advantage of others. It stands to reason that no mother likes to have her child taken advantage of because of their kindness. She always told you not to let anyone take advantage of you, to be strong.

Listen to mom’s advice: Never talk to strangers

That advice appears when you’re starting to go to school alone or when you go to the park, etc. It’s a typical phrase that your mother tells you when you leave home for your own good. Be aware of the people who approach you is a piece of advice that never goes out of style. Nowadays, it’s also important to keep it in mind for you and your children.

Advice from moms teaches manners

Stand up straight

Whenever your mother saw you slouching, she didn’t hesitate to call your attention to it. “Stand up straight, don’t slouch over.” Who didn’t hear that in their childhood?

When you eat, don’t chew with your mouth open

When we were little, we always had the habit of chewing with our mouths open or talking with our mouths full. Clearly, we were in the process of learning and there was your mom correcting you as usual. You would hear her say “shut your mouth, it’s rude to do that” and she would tell you as many times as necessary.

If you don’t eat it now, save it for snack time

Just to save herself the chore of cooking. Your mother, very cautious, always saved your meal for later if you didn’t eat your whole meal. Right from the start, you received a threat, “if not now, it will be later, but you won’t get out of eating it”.

Pay attention in class and behave yourself

Most kids have a tendency to get distracted and would rather play than study or pay attention in class. When you went to school, your mother, even if you behaved well, told you to pay attention and behavior yourself every day without fail.

A mother and her young dauther sitting in a field and wearing flower crowns.

Trust me

Mothers are mothers because of their experiences, because of the things that have happened to them, and they always have a very sharp intuition. When she gives you a piece of advice, it’s for a reason. Your mother used to tell you “don’t do that, you might fall”, and when you fell, you heard “I told you so”. That’s happened to you, hasn’t it?

Valuable advice from mom that stays with us for life

Surely, as you read these lines, you’ve identified with them on more than one occasion. And you probably still continue to apply these wise teachings in your daily life. Fortunately, a mother’s advice lasts into adulthood, saving us from making many mistakes.

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