Applications to Improve Vocabulary: 8 Options

There are many fun applications now available that are easy to use and that use engaging themes to improve vocabulary. This article will tell you about 8 applications that can improve your children's vocabulary and teach them to speak better.
Applications to Improve Vocabulary: 8 Options

Last update: 20 April, 2019

Applications to improve vocabulary are versatile and valuable didactic tools. They help children to develop certain skills and they expand what children know.

Children gain increased motivation from using technologies in this way. Vocabulary-building applications can also compliment what the children are learning in school. They help children to practice applying their knowledge, bringing them more academic success.

Every one of the applications that you’ll see below functions just like an addictively fun game. But they’re educational and help children to discover new words and improve their way of speaking.

In this article, we’ll tell you about 9 applications that help young children to learn their first words. Growing the vocabulary of young children has never been so easy! The apps seamlessly use matching games, puzzles, and other resources to engage young learners.

Let your children explore these apps and learn about all that this technology can offer them. With so many levels to complete, even young children can become champions of good vocabulary. Are you ready? Let’s start.

8 applications to improve vocabulary


This application contains a great number of short videos that feature popular television characters. The material focuses on learning vocabulary and sets of associated words like animals, numbers, colors, etc.

The videos are aesthetically pleasing and they have a repetitive structure that’s especially suited to learning for young children.

Applications to improve vocabulary: flashcards

This is another application to improve vocabulary that works for learning a second language. It shows a sequence of slides with images and it labels each slide with a written word and audio recording of the spoken word. It has multiple functions and it’s free, although it only has English words for the section naming animals.

What stands out most about the application is the menu. It offers diverse functions like selecting screen options to modify the sound, volume, etc. There’s also the possibility to record children to evaluate their pronunciation and to keep track of their learning. 

5-in-1 Kids Pack HD

This application uses variations on the classic matching game theme that’ll help children take their initial steps at language learning. It also includes visual guessing games that complement the learning sequences. Children learn to identify the corresponding images, words, and sounds.

Applications to Improve Vocabulary: 8 options

In addition, it has five levels of difficulty and in one of the levels, there’s an option to play in pairs. The topics of the games cover animals, shapes, letters and numbers, and even your own images.

Kids Animal Match

Another of the applications to improve vocabulary offers matching games with animals that are organized into difficulty levels depending on the number of matches made.

These levels are accessed depending on how the user advances in the game or directly from the main start page. The names of animals are in English. By repeating them, children learn their name and pronunciation.

Vocabuland – English/Spanish Vocabulary

Vocabuland is an application that helps children to learn vocabulary in English and in Spanish. That is, it has terms organized into content blocks like the following: fruit, farm, my house, school, beach, transportation, my body, my city, my clothes, appliances.

In addition, there’s the possibility of choosing whether the voice that teaches pronunciation is male or female.

The content can be switched between learning mode and challenge mode. Challenge mode is recommended only for advanced readers.


This application is based on puzzles. Its free and basic version has four puzzles, and its more complete paid version has 36 puzzles.

The images needing completion appear at the center of the screen, while on the sides of the screen appear the complementing tiles that the child has to drag and situate in the corresponding spot to correctly complete the tile.

The app groups figures into themed panels: animals, numbers, the farm, etc., and there may be some single, uncategorized images that need to be completed. Each time the child correctly matches a tile, he’ll hear a sound like the name of the object, or the onomatopoeia of the animal, or some other sound that identifies what he got right.

Applications to improve vocabulary: Wordscapes

Another application that can help improve vocabulary consists of solving crossword puzzles. There are more than 3700 puzzles that your children can solve by finding the meaning of words to complete anagrams and crossword puzzles. The difficulty of the subsequent puzzle increases with each completion.

Words with Friends 2

This application is one of the best Scrabble games. In the second edition of this app, you can form words to gain more points. Thanks to the upgrades in this version, your children can increase their vocabulary and improve their brain’s ability to respond while they enjoy themselves with the app.

Applications to Improve Vocabulary: 8 options

In conclusion, it’s important not to forget that having a wide and accurate vocabulary will allow your child to excel in the academic and work environment and to develop intelligence and capacity for argumentation, among many other benefits.

Consequently, a good vocabulary will open doors in everything that children will face in life, whether as a child or adult.

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