How Book Trailers Benefit Reading

In today's article, we'll be discussing everything you need to know about book trailers and how you can take advantage of them to encourage your little ones to read.
How Book Trailers Benefit Reading

Last update: 21 March, 2019

Book trailers are a new way of presenting books in multimedia format. In general, they include a brief summary of the plot as well as critical points in the story. Without giving too many details away, the aim of book trailers is to awaken curiosity among potential readers.

Starting in the year 2000, the use of book trailers became more and more common outside of the editorial world. The strategy has been to promote reading, especially in the academic sector among elementary and high school students. So, what exactly are book trailers?

What are book trailers?

Book trailers are similar to the movie trailers – or previews – that we see when we go to the movie theater. However, in this case, they give us a sneak peak into a literary work rather than a movie.

In other words, they’re a visual synopsis and a first reference to a book. These short videos give children and teens an idea of what books are about in order to entice future readers.

How Book Trailers Benefit Reading

As mentioned above, book trailers are very similar to movie trailers. In fact, that’s where they got their inspiration. The most outstanding characteristics are the following :

  • They begin and end with a presentation of the publisher.
  • These previews include quotes and brief segments of text (in written or narrated form).
  • They contain still or animated images related to the text. 
  • In general, book trailers are short – no longer than 5 minutes.

In light of the characteristics mentioned above, book trailers consist of the following components :

  • Opening.
  • Mention of the publisher.
  • Presentation of quotes and extracts from the book (narrated or written).
  • Presentation of images: Illustrations from the cover or from the book’s content (if there are any).
  • Information about the author.
  • The date the book was published.
  • Where the book can be purchased.

Besides being an effective strategy on behalf of publishers to gain readers, book trailers are also a great way to promote reading among children. Many times, they’re made by readers, for readers.

Book trailers in the classroom

Book trailers are a great way to take advantage of technology and social media as an enriching classroom dynamic. But how? Well, educators simply suggest an activity that consists of choosing a book, reading it, taking it in, analyzing it, etc.

And finally, students must create a summary of the book and then present it to their classmates in a brief but captivating way .

Here, students go above and beyond the creation of a traditional written or oral book report. Rather, they connect to the book’s content much more organically, and can have more fun with it. 

At the same time, the excitement that they experience as they play with different strategies of suspense and surprise allows them to develop their creativity.

Presentations of book trailers in the classroom are very refreshing and also very positive. They encourage children to read and develop interest in diverse types of reading and to sympathize with different points of view. This, in turn, boosts a healthy critical attitude.

Group dynamics during the carrying out of the project do more than just allow students to delve deeper into the material. They also develop their decision-making skills and their ability to work as a team.

At the same time, children have the chance to strengthen and practice values like patience, responsibility, tolerance, etc.

How Book Trailers Benefit Reading

Book trailers aren’t short movies

The objective of a movie trailer isn’t to reveal the entire plot of a book. Rather, these short videos play with the intrigue that certain parts of the book produce in viewers. The purpose is to motivate viewers to then go on to read the entire book. Therefore, making a book trailer doesn’t mean making a short film or a movie.

As a tool that stimulates the reading of an entire book, book trailers are a wonderful option. Of course, it’s important that educators guide the activity in the classroom to maintain the interdisciplinary nature of the assignment and not neglect its potential.

A prized activity

Outside of the classroom, the making of book trailers – by students, book lovers, and publishers – is an activity that already has its own award galas. These events serve to recognize the efforts made and the quality of the productions.

Currently, the most prestigious awards are given at the Booktrailer Film Festival, an event whose goal is to encourage reading. Each year, a great number of teens participate from the 27 countries that make up the European Union.

The idea is to innovate material that brings people and books together and, of course, reduce the number of students with poor reading competencies.

For this reason, promoting this sort of activity in the classroom and the home is very worthwhile. In doing so, children and youth can discover that reading isn’t a tedious activity. Rather, it’s just the opposite.

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