4 Enlightening Phrases From Tolkien

While Tolkien's tales of Middle Earth belong to the fantasy genre of literature, they still have immeasurable human value. His works are a great source for enlightenment, especially when it comes to children and youth.
4 Enlightening Phrases From Tolkien

Last update: 10 October, 2018

In today’s article, it’s our pleasure to present you with 4 enlightening phrases from Tolkien. Literature has great power to make us think and reflect in a million different ways.

When it comes to fantasy literature, reflection comes in a subtle and organic fashion. They come in the shape of elements that produce a pleasant sense in the reader. For example, memorable characters, landscapes, magic, fantastic creatures, and the storyline in general.

Whether you’re a fan of reading or watching the Lord of the Rings movies, either way, you’ll agree that both formats provide us with profound richness.

This richness goes far beyond the aesthetics of the elves, orcs, and hobbits of Middle EarthThe first thing that comes to light is the battle between good and evil.

There is a clear underlying overall message to the saga’s story. However, there are also great treasures that appear at different points along the way that invite the reader to reflect. When we put them all together, we discover a great masterpiece that can contribute to anyone’s integral development.

5 enlightening phrases from Tolkien

Through these enlightening phrases from Tolkien, we can delve into the depths of human relationships. We can analyze the internal battles we all have between good and evil.

We can examine our values, and their application in different areas of life. Some of the most noteworthy values that appear in these works are courage, friendship, honesty, loyalty, nobility and proactivity.

Also, there are dialogues that occur between characters that teach us about patience, decision making, happiness and self-improvement.

4 Enlightening Phrases From Tolkien

Let’s not forget that J.R.R. Tolkien was a professor for a great deal of his life. He possessed a true vocation for teaching and took active interest in instructing his students in the art of thinking. 

His objective was to open frontiers and help students become curious and analytical enough to continue seeking and gaining knowledge.


One of the first enlightening phrases from Tolkien that’s worth mentioning comes from the work entitled: The Silmarillion . He writes about hope amidst turbulent times and trusting at all times that God will not abandon us.

“Many are the strange chances of the world,” said Mithrandir, “and help oft shall come from the hands of the weak when the Wise falter.”

“The strange chances of the world” refer to the fact that nothing remains inalterable or static. Therefore, circumstances in life always vary.

What Tolkien is reminding us of are the famous sayings, “Nothing lasts forever” or “This too shall pass.” Of course, this is a way of saying that life has all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. However, we should learn to be flexible in order to stay on foot.

In regards to the “help” that will come in times of need, professor Tolkien’s message to all is clear. There is always a solution to our difficulties. At the same time, the author indicates that the help won’t always come from the same place. Rather, it can appear in various forms.

Love of learning

The second illuminating Tolkien phrase that we want to share comes from The Children of Húrin. The message is very conclusive regarding the fact that not everyone who receives an education is truly interested in learning.

“So most men teach, and few men learn”

Both inside the classroom and out, we find individuals who have no interest in learning or listening to others. As a result, they tend to have many more difficulties in life. To learn, we must be willing and know how to receive knowledge.

4 Enlightening Phrases From Tolkien

A better world

The third illuminating phrase we’ve chosen from Tolkien’s works comes from the famous novel The HobbitHere Tolkien invites us to always appreciate the value of people, gestures and other non-material aspects of life over objects.

After all, company, affection and time dedicated to sharing what’s best in life is what really makes us happy and makes us feel alive.

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song over hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world”

Of course, this phrase also invites us to reflect upon an unfortunate reality in the world, which is materialismIf society as a whole were to value humanity over wealth, the world would be a better place. People, without a doubt, would enjoy true well-being.

A life worth living

The last of the enlightening phrases from Tolkien that we want to highlight today comes from the famous trilogy  The Lord of the Rings. Here the author invites us to stop for a moment how we use our time. Our we really taking advantage of each opportunity to feel good, grow and advance as individuals?

Of course, the phrase itself calls us to reflect on our own lives and satisfaction, and why it’s best to take advantage of life and enjoy it.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

Let’s remember that reflection and constructive criticism are powerful tools. They allow us to better understand reality and they teach us to have a proactive attitude in life.

Tolkien knew this very well and decided to pass his knowledge along through his works. We invite you to get to know his works for yourself and discover their profound richness.

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