Girls Should Be Super-heroines, Not Princesses

Girls Should Be Super-heroines, Not Princesses

Last update: 12 October, 2017

It is the job of fathers and mothers to change the role of women in our society. We should be aware that girls should be super-heroines and not princesses. Do you know how to do it? We’ll give you some tips.

Girls should be super-heroines, not princesses

Girls are raised differently in every different culture. In the past, people told boys they were brave and strong, while they brought up girls making them believe they were week, fragile and perfect, Fortunately, this culture has changed. Now boys and girls are raised in equality, with the same rights. 

To break free from gender-based stereotypes, our children need to see that both parents have an important role in their education and in the home

As mothers, we always try to give our daughters the best advice. However, there are some things that only strong women communicate to their children: Not to have a cowardly heart and not to put up with stupidity from anyone. You are the model your daughter will follow.

We are aware that there’s no book that teaches us to be mothers. Just the same, please never forget to teach your little heroine all of the reasons she has to value herself.

Girls that make decisions for themselves from a young age always grow up more sure of themselves.

Keys to making your daughter a super-heroine

Remember that love is key in the formation of new women

You need to teach your daughter that she should never allow anyone to hurt her heart, that she should never be belittled and that she should never forget to love herself.

Teach her to be feminine and delicate, as well as have great physical strength and health

Your daughter should learn how wonderful it is for her to do exercise, eat healthy and know how to defend herself.

A woman who is strong physically is more likely to have a strong mind and a strong spirit

The disciple required by sports not only strengthens the body, but it also builds a strong woman who is trained in the effort required to achieve her goals and dominate her body.

Being feminine and delicate isn’t necessarily something that competes against physical strength and health.

Equity in the home

When our children see their father participate in work around the house, they assume that gender doesn’t matter and that housework should be shared equally among the family members.

Give your daughter the assurance that the day she makes a mistake, you’ll be by her side

The great problems women share are how little we value ourselves and how little we support other women. Build up your daughter’s self-esteem, her self-confidence and her intelligence.

If you leave your fears behind, you’ll have more space to live your dreams.

-Marilyn Monroe-

The role of women in film

Our daughters are continuously searching at home, at school and also in movies and on television for a role to imitate. From a very young age, girls should understand that models shouldn’t be fragile women who are constant victims, but rather strong and independent women with the capacity to fend for themselves.

Several decades ago, women in film played secondary roles in which they only participated as complementary figures, giving relevance to the main character. What’s more, in the few cases that they were given a leading role, they always needed the support of some gentlemen to get them out of a sticky situation.

Unfortunately, children’s movies were not the exception, and they followed similar story lines in which feminine roles were represented by mostly defenceless princesses that needed to be rescued by some strong and brave man.

famous cartoon super-heroines

This role is changing in today’s world. There are a multitude of cartoons, television series and movies where girls can identify with the main characters. They are strong characters, warriors and fighters. They themselves make their dreams come true, without the need of any gentleman to save them from their situation.

We can highlight the following movies, among many others:

  • Frozen
  • Mulan
  • Brave
  • Tangled
  • Matilda
  • Spirited Away
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Wonder Woman

May we work to educate women who are brave, independent and confident in themselves, not princesses who are afraid of the world, awaiting a dashing prince to save them.

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