Grandparents Don't Just Parent, They Parent Grandly

Grandparents Don't Just Parent, They Parent Grandly

Last update: 25 January, 2018

There are certain words that evoke precious memories of our childhood. These memories are like treasures that remind us of a simpler time… A time when, even with so little, we had everything. Among those treasures that made our childhood so rich are our grandparents. 

Grandfathers and grandmothers seem to exist to make their grandchildren happy. They not only help to raise their grandchildren, they parent grandly.

For starters, grandparents are magical. They do so much more than participate in child-raising. Their role is no longer that of bringing children up, but rather, making them smile.

Grandparents comfort their grandchildren and make them laugh. They are famous for their complicity, and for spoiling their grandchildren in such a special way.

So, what does it really mean to be a grandparent? Today we want to talk about just that.

We want to talk about the undeniable importance of our grandfathers and grandmothers. And we want to honor those endearing souls that filled our lives with love, and left unforgettable marks on us, and whose memories will forever be found in our hearts.

Grandparents don’t parent children, they parent grandly

The hearts of grandparents overflow with love as they look at their children’s children. Proud, they observe the passing of time as they behold their grandchildren. They feel a love and devotion to them that is impossible to put into words.

Grandparents don’t just help to raise their grandchildren, they offer them everything they know. They are fountains of truth and wisdom, and their stories speak to us of justice, love and valor.

Their experience and personal stories are at their grandchildren’s disposal, to help these tiny beings know their roots and construct their identities.

the incredible role of grandparents

Grandparents form personalities, molding their grandchildren with sweetness and tenderness. They sculpt them with patience and serenity, breathing in their innocence and breathing out endless love. They unbury secrets and earn their grandchildren’s trust completely.

“Grand parenting” means singing sweetly and with dedication, giving everything you have. But above all, it means listening attentively, giving comfort, and offering the truest and most refined advice.

It means providing the encouragement that their young descendants sometimes need in order to find courage and face their challenges.

“Grand parenting” a grandchild is synonymous with love

“Grand parenting” sometimes implies forgetting physical pain – and sometimes even emotional pain – to free your body and soul. And for what purpose? Nothing less than playing with their grandchildren and at the same time, becoming their accomplices and their guides.

Grandparents are able to close all generational and geographical gaps.

Grandparents don’t just parent – they parent grandly. And this is more than obvious when we observe the factor that makes them so unique, special, and unforgettable in our minds: the unconditional and unshakeable love they feel for their grandchildren .

Our grandparents fill in the gaps that our parents sometimes leave. They are the hugs our parents can’t always give us – those healing embraces, that comforting touch, at just the right time. They are the sweet smell that remains forever in our memory.

Grandparents are synonymous with quality time, gifts, outings, sweets, adventures, and so much more. They are a tender glance that lights up our lives. Today, though they be a star in the sky, that star lights our path and guides our every step .

Grandparents don’t pass away – they are eternally present in our hearts

Grandparents are like magicians. Even though they aren’t present physically, their presence is forever in our lives. They have the gift of living forever in our memories. Though they may not be able to hold our hands, they will forever have a hold on our hearts .

the incredible role of grandparents

These grand beings are eternalized in the seeds they plant with us in the yard, that are now trees that look down on us. They are eternalized by the aroma of home-cooked food and family vacations.

They live in the tasks they taught us and the crafts they passed onto us. And, above all, they live in those discolored photographs that remind us of who we were and who we are .

The legacy that our grandparents leave is immortalized in our hearts as time goes by. We are who we are thanks to them. They were a vital part of our childhood and our learning. And thanks to their “grand parenting”, they are a piece of our present and of our future. ..

Surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent

–Donald A. Norberg–

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