Mom, Thanks For Showing Me What True Love Is

Mom, Thanks For Showing Me What True Love Is

Last update: 06 October, 2017

I observe you carefully and I can’t put into words the admiration and love I feel when I see you smile. My heart bursts every time you look at me with those tender blue eyes. Mom, thank you for showing me what true love is.

I owe you so much that I will always be grateful. I feel fortunate and blessed. Mother, you are my example, my role model, my rock. My support and my strength. Thank you for showing me all the things that really matter in this world.

My dear mom, thank you for showing me that love is not only received; it is also given. And for making me see that what matters is not just our own happiness, but also the one of the people we love. This is what I learned when I saw you dedicate your life to the people you love in your daily life

Thank you for showing me what love is all about

Thanks to your pure, sincere and heartfelt love; I understood so many things. First of all, the fact that there are no such things as limits and conditions. Because, no matter what I do, there will always be patience and tolerance in order to solve my problems. And this tenderness that defines you will always be present in my soul.

Because of you I understood that the secret to one’s happiness lies perhaps in the happiness and wellbeing of another. That is what I feel every time you show pride and joy for every one of my accomplishments and successes. And I feel the same when I fall and drag you down into the deep.

Mom, Thanks for showing me what love is all about

When I look at you I understand that love makes us generous and giving. Always leaving the best for that one special person. It makes eating less or leaving the best piece to someone else seem insignificant. That is something genuine, it comes from the heart, and emanates naturally from your noble soul.

Dedication and sacrifice are the words that describe you the best. Seeing the other person smile, and help him succeed. Unburdening and easing the pain are your natural talents. All these gestures that I notice ever day show me the true meaning of love, of life, and of maternity.

In good times, in bad times, and in the worst times, you have always been by my side. No matter the circumstances, the exhaustion, the hunger, the sadness, the anger. Always thinking of how to move forward, never giving up. Seeing the good in every setback: identifying the mistake and making it one unforgettable life lesson.

At home, at work, or during your studies. It doesn’t matter, there was always time for us. And you never complained of how tired you were amidst all your errands. Truthfully, the kisses, the laughter, the hugs, the cuddles, and the thousands of “I love you” make for an unforgettable journey, something that I will always cherish.

Mom, thank you for teaching me so much

Without being a goddess of Olympus, you gave me the gift of life and the best upbringing possible. I, in return, trust you blindly and give you all my secrets and dreams. I thank you and am filled with pride to have you as my loyal and irreplaceable friend.

Thank you for showing me that true love listens more than it talks. You are my rock when it feels like the world comes crashing down. The one person who believes in me and knows how to bring out the best of me.

You have also engrained in me countless values; by doing rather than speaking. When you though that I wasn’t watching, I learned so much, mom, without sermons or lectures. Just by observing how you carried yourself, empathetic, understanding, generous, and sympathetic in every step of the way. Pure charisma and simplicity.

You have also shown me that true love doesn’t tie you down, it lets you fly as high as you can. You have become my guide, but without ever forcing me down a certain path. Every day you let me explore new routes and let me choose my way. Thank you for showing me that true love also means freedom.

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